What a week. For those who dream of a writer’s life, let me bring you in on a little secret. Yes, it is worth it, but there are times when tearing your hair out do seem like a more enjoyable pastime.

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of talking with a small publisher and distributor in the Chicago region concerning The Spring and Autumn Murders . I met him through a friend, and he was considering helping me out with the distribution of the book by featuring it, possibly in his 2013 catalog.

I was happy and excited to meet with the gentlemen, and of course a bit wary. True, I had done my research and hadn’t discovered anything bad about him or the company he worked for, but still, this book is precious to me. I wanted to both allow it to spread its wings and keep it protected from the predators that might exist. Still, with a mixture of hesitation, trepidation, and a fair amount of excitement I went to the meeting.

As a whole, the meeting went fairly smoothly, although I suspect my expectations for the meeting and his expectations were slightly different. I was prepared to talk numbers, specifics, wanting to know what exactly I was potentially getting myself into. He, on the other hand seemed content to simply get to know each other, as people. For someone who is a classic introvert, one who would much rather show who she is through her writing, trust me it was a very surreal experience. He was talkative, vibrant, friendly, and our conversation was a glorious, chaotic mess. Most of the time I fluctuated between holding on for dear life in the conversation, and trying to lock down that important piece of information that just whipped past. Every so often I had momentary glimpses of the rational world, but those fluttered away quite soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong- in some ways the conversation was very educational and productive; just not in the way that I was expecting or with any familiarity. As for results, nothing concrete yet; he still has to read completely through the book, and if he is interested I will be quietly demanding a contract to review.

So, at least for the distribution of The Spring and Autumn Murders it looks like nothing much has changed yet, but possibilities certainly exist.

So is anyone up for another round?

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