When Writing Becomes a Bore…

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If you’re a writer or an artist, I can almost promise you that you’ve felt the need to throw your keyboard or pad and pencil far away.  Creating anything can be at times gloriously frustrating.  For those of us who write for a living,  it can quickly turn into a situation where the desire to do anything else but what we’re supposed to be doing becomes favorable.

It’s worse, in a way than the dreaded writer’s block.  I call it the writing blahs.  It’s those times that happen every so often where your passion for the written word, for the art of conveying a story or an idea simply fizzles out…  and you start to wonder why you even try.

It can come with a rejection letter.  It can be triggered by the frustration of not finding the right word to convey the idea that is bounding around in your head like a caged tiger.  It can boil to the surface when someone says– again — “oh, you’re a writer?  That sounds like great.  Not like it’s a real job, you know?”

So what can you do when deadlines are breathing down your neck when you feel unappreciated as a writer, or when writing becomes more of a bore than a passion?  The easy thing to say is to ignore everything else and just write, just create.

But we all know that sometimes that’s easier said than done.

So for the month of February, Emerald Musings is hosting a series of guest posts by some fantastic authors on how they deal with “the writing blahs”  or the parts of being a professional author that people don’t quite talk about when they are waxing poetic about the writing process.

Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Marketing Before I Published My First BookWe’re starting off this Friday (February 10th) with a post by Andrea Hintz, author of the Tesoro series.  She’ll be sharing some of her practical tips and tricks on how to make it through those times when the last thing you want to do is put words to paper.

Jacey Novacon

Jacey Novacon

Then the next Friday, we’re traveling across the pond figuratively speaking, to learn from Jacey Bedford about how she keeps on track when deadlines are looming and her nose to the grindstone.  So be sure to stop by on February 17th for some great information and advice!

Susan Vittitow Mark

Susan Vittitow Mark

And finally on last Friday of the month or February 24th for those keeping track, Emerald Musings will be hosting Susan Vittitow Mark as she discusses her practical ways of dealing when those times when she simply doesn’t want to write anymore.

So be sure to stop by Emerald Musings for the next few Fridays and share your thoughts on beating the writing blahs as well.

Looking forward to having some great conversations with you!



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