When Inspiration Hits — A New Series on Emerald Musings

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Hello All, and Happy Friday!

First, let me apologize– I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs, Emerald Musings and Walking the Path as well as I should.  While I have a few very exciting reasons for it, there really is no excuse, and you have my heartfelt apologies for dropping the ball.

As an aside — be sure to take a look at the rest of the Writers Thread website in the coming month.  A lot of changes are coming; these are exciting times indeed!

Five Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started To Write (Crime) Fiction

But onto the topic at hand.  A few months ago, I put out a call for one of my guest post series.  I wanted to know what inspired your latest work, or work in progress.  The response, needless to say has been fantastic, even if my timeliness on getting the posts published has not.  Though I’m still weeding through the various responses, and expecting more to come in, I’ve decided to get the ball rolling with a few of our old friends.


Next Friday, the twenty-second, our friend Tony Knighton is taking the stage to talk about his latest book Three Hours Past Midnight and the inspiration behind it.  Tony is a superb storyteller, and this is definitely not one to miss.

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

The following week, on the 29th, Chris Roy is taking the reins and letting us know about what inspires his writing and point of view.  Trust me, it’s a gritty, heartfelt, and a bit awe-inspiring all rolled into one.  Be sure to check that post out as well.

Elka Ray

After that, October opens up with a fantastic post by Elka Ray where she shares how living in a certain house inspired one of her latest stories, and the week after that I’ll be sharing a bit about what inspired my latest two works in progress — a mystery web comic with a hardboiled team of amateur and professional detectives on the hunt, and a cross-worlds fantasy where the hunters realize a little to late who the prey actually is.

And of course, there will be more posts presented in the series as they come in, and I get the chance to get them posted.  So please stay tuned to Emerald Musings, and thanks for keeping the faith!

As always, happy reading!


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