What Exactly is JQuery?

Have you ever seen jQuery and wondered what it is, how it works in website design and why you should even care about how it functions on your website? jQuery is a concise, fast and small JavaScript library. It is something that can be used to make things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax interactions and animations much simpler to use.

It is designed to make it easier to navigate a document and select DOM elements (Document Object Model). It has an easy-to-use API (Application Programming Interface) that works with many different browsers. This is a free, easy to use, open-source software that uses the permissive MIT License. jQuery has greatly changed the way that JavaScript is written. The written format aids in speedy website development because it is a very compact and simplified JavaScript code.

JQuery is used in website design because one of the things it allows for is developers to create plug-ins placed on top of the JavaScript library. This enables website developers to create abstractions for low-level interaction when creating animation pieces, advanced effects, and high-level widgets. All this means that the modular approach to the jQuery library allows there to be creations that are powerful, effective web pages and web applications. Companies like Microsoft and Nokia bundle jQuery on their platforms and Microsoft includes it in their “Visual Studios” in their frameworks. Nokia has combined it into their Web Run-Time widget development platform. Other companies like Google, Netflix, and IBM use jQuery on their websites as well. There are two different versions of jQuery available for downloading: Production version and the Development version. The Production version is for a live website because it has been compressed; the Development version is for testing and development, it is uncompressed and has readable code.

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  1. Eine weitere Alternative: add_action( ”wp_default_scripts”, function ( $scripts ) { $scripts-remove( ”jquery-migrate” ); $scripts-add( ”jquery-migrate”, null ); }, PHP_INT_MAX ); Durch das Nullen von jquery-migrate ist die Abhängigkeit zwar noch vorhanden, aber es passiert einfach nichts. Vorteil dieser Lösung ist, dass so nicht nur jquery nicht mehr jQuery Migrate lädt, sondern auch kein anderes Assets, dem man jquery-migrate als Abhängigkeit mitgegeben hat. Ich bezweifle zwar, dass so etwas oft der Fall ist, aber prinzipiell wollen wir ja nicht verhindern, dass jQuery das Migrate-Skript lädt. Wir wollen, dass es gar nicht geladen wird. Egal warum. Und dazu machen wir nicht an irgendwelchen anderen Assets herum (und vergessen vielleicht hier und da eins), sondern an jQuery Migrate selbst.

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