Three Surprising Reasons Regular Website Maintenance is Essential

Modern businesses need a functional website to remain competitive. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t fully understand that regular website maintenance, management and upkeep are as important as its functionality and design.

Websites, just like cars, houses and electronic gadgets, aren’t just set and forgotten. They need TLC to remain effective, efficient and engaging. They look and function impeccably at arrival but soon lose their “sex appeal” if not refurbished and eventually fall into disrepair. Websites don’t work flawlessly forever; they break down when something in their environment changes. Love your website and change it to adapt and remain functional!


Maintenance is the Key

Modern websites are sophisticated and are built in systems like TYPO3 or WordPress that get updated constantly. A website that isn’t kept up-to-date will miss out on the latest features and functionality and is prone to hacker attacks. A functional website guarantees an enjoyable environment and makes your customers keep coming back. If you are still unsure of whether to spend time and resources in a regular website maintenance plan, consider the following three factors.

1. User Experience

A website that is out of date for lack of maintenance soon falls off, looks tired and won’t function as expected. Your brand suffers as a result since your website gives the first impression about your business. If it’s poor and dysfunctional, it communicates that you care less about your business and will put off customers.

You don’t want potential customers to experience frustration when trying to find important information to make decisions. Changes in other websites and web browsers impact your website’s user experience. Updating your content regularly to keep up with changes in your industry gives a clear signal to visitors and search engines that your webpage is up-to-date and active.

2. Lost Sales

An out-of-date website is subject to many negative issues; from forms that won’t work, malfunctioning notifications to essential parts going off.  Website owners who are not on top of things don’t even realize until it’s too late that they missed out on vital leads and inquiries from their website from lack of maintenance leading to loss of business.

Regular website maintenance enables you to realize when forms and other parts of your site aren’t working correctly so you don’t lose important leads. That small investment in a maintenance plan pays good dividends.

3. Security

The main reason you want a website maintenance plan is Cybersecurity. Apart from an average 30,000 websites being hacked daily, your average website suffers at least 22 Cyber-attacks every day. Your business website isn’t too small to attract hackers; Cybercriminals have automatic tools they use to search the internet for websites to contaminate with malicious codes. They are happy to exploit apparent website weaknesses in personal blogs, small business sites or corporate websites.


Whatever you do to keep your website in top shape, choose a specialized web maintenance company. It will free you up from staying vigilant over details so you can deal with your business.


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