The Inspiration Behind Dead Deal by W.J. Evans

The Inspiration Behind Dead Deal by W.J. Evans post thumbnail image

“What inspired your latest WIP or work?”

wj eveans dead deal

The financial crash of 2008 not only affected those in the financial sector, it was exponential on so many levels. I experienced first hand, the destruction of so many businesses in the real estate world. When the banks failed, and others refused to lend out of fear, every industry related to development suffered the consequences. Developers, attorneys, architects, engineers, real estate brokers, construction, consultants, intermediaries, landscapers, flooring, carpet, lumber, concrete and steel manufacturers all saw their business come to a screeching halt. Most of us were wondering when the market would return to normal and knew it would be years to recovery. Then there were some us, unfortunately, who couldn’t deal with the prospects of losing everything, the stress and starting over. I personally knew more than a few who committed suicide. I had projects fail, had plenty of those extremely stress filled days and sleepless nights. So I lived it and experienced much of it like Frank McCormick in Dead Deal.

I had many inspirations to write this book:

The people who never lost faith and never gave up, even when they lost everything they’d worked many years to achieve, through no fault of their own. My friends and family were very supportive and encouraged me to write this book. I’m inspired by their faith in me. Creating anything, whether it’s writing a book, writing a song or building a building has to have an inherent inspiration that comes from within. Many people have inspiration and creativity but don’t follow through with the execution. I’m very project driven in my work and I’m internally inspired to reach the finish line every time. The final inspiration once I started this project was to create something people would enjoy reading and escape the everyday stresses of life. I’m now inspired to write the sequel with the positive feedback from those who have read the story. It seems that more than ever in today’s divided and fractured world, we need an escape from all of the noise out there.

I’ve always wanted to write a book but wanted the story to have authenticity. Since I don’t have the time to spend on research as most authors, telling a story in the industry I work in every day hopefully will give the novel more credibility. The more realistic, the better. I hope the readers enjoy Dead Deal.

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John Vorhaus

John Vorhaus is the author of seven novels, ten books on poker, and the world-renowned Comic Toolbox. He travels and teaches writing all over the world – 35 countries on five continents at last count. He tweets for no apparent reason @TrueFactBarFact and secretly controls the world from Oh, and he did the cover design for this book.

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