Telling the Story

Writing has always been a secret love of mine, although are relationship has always been a bit rocky. Academically speaking things such as literature, writing, or studying English has never been my strong point- by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, if you were to look at my high school transcripts, you would see that I spectacularly failed English class- that’s right I failed a class in my native tongue. I got a 29% one year. For those of you playing at home, that would be an E minus on just about any scale in the United States Public School system.

I am also not one of those writers in which the words just flow out of her like some. I envy those who can sit down and write for twelve to sixteen hours a day, the words tumbling over themselves to get onto the paper. Personally, if I write for more than four hours in a day on one project I give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. This is especially true if the day did not include the urge to pour a bottle of water over my laptop or feeding my notebook to a shredder.

So while I call myself a writer that is really an inaccurate description. I am, and always have been a story teller. As a child I told outlandish tales. I loved (and still love) playing games such as Dungeon and Dragons ® Whitewolf ® or Gurps®. I think, perhaps, if there was no way for me to share the various stories that are rumbling around in my head I would go crazy. And you can ask just about any writer or story teller that you know. Chances are they would say the same thing.

So why am I saying all this? Am I searching for attention, or for validation? Perhaps I am. This is a blog, after all- a wonderful invention that both provides for self-expression and cries for attention. I also want to offer encouragement. I want to encourage those storytellers out there who are like me. I want to reach the ones who know that they can change the world with their ideas or perhaps just bring a smile to a few of the people living on it. Things such as story structure, grammar, and spelling can be learned, no matter what language you know. The story, the real one, has to come from the heart.


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