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Review of Prophet’s Journey By Matthew S. Cox

Book Title: Prophet’s Journey Author: Matthew S. Cox Publisher: Division Zero Press Availability: Amazon Barnes & Noble Author Website and Social Media: Matthew S. Cox Facebook Pinterest Goodreads Instagram Overall Rating: 2.25 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary Prophet’s Journey tells the story of Althea, a young girl — no more than eleven years old […]

The Inspirations Behind Psi-Tech: An Interview with Jacey Bedford

Jacey Novacon

Question #1:  What (or possibly who, if any) inspired the character of Ben Benjamin in your Psi-Tech Universe? There are three books in the Psi-Tech trilogy: EMPIRE OF DUST / CROSSWAYS / NIMBUS. With the release of NIMBUS on 3rd October 2017, the trilogy is complete. Reska (Ben) Benjamin is one of two main characters. He’s […]

Review of The Bleak Door By Christian Baker

Book:  The Bleak Door Author:  Christian Baker Publisher:  Christian Baker/Amazon Kindle Availability:   Amazon Author  Website:   The Bleak Door Author Social Media:   Facebook Overall Rating  1.5 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary The Bleak Door provides the reader with a vision of the future– one where a nuclear holocaust is sanction by one […]

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