The Daddy Track

A Review of The Daddy Track by Allison Leigh, Illustrated by Mayu Takayama

Overall Summary: When Nate’s friend and colleague dies in an accident after replacing Nate on a business trip, Nate is determined to make amends with his family and gain some sort of atonement.  He offers to help out his friend’s sister, Jordan, who is busy raising a pair of twins and running a cafe.  As their

Bottle of pour out blue and pills of drugs on white background

Pink and Blue I Love You

Bottle of pour out blue and pills of drugs on white backgroundGilda stood at the bottom of the stairs with fists planted on hips and forced a furious furrow onto her smooth brow. “For goodness sake, Beatrice, haven’t you changed yet? We have to get going soon!”

“I know, I know. Sorry, I was just finishing my book.”

“It’s Friday night. Read tomorrow. Read during the week. Just don’t read on Friday night. Bookworm!”

Beatrice shook her head. “What’s a bookworm?”

“It’s someone who’s always reading.”

“But a worm? I mean, what’s that about? How can a worm live in an e-reader?”

They stared at each other, from the landing to the bottom of the stairs. “Ohhhh! You’re jiving me again, aren’t you?” Gilda knew full well that Beatrice didn’t completely share her excitement for the party scene.  Beatrice was a shy (but not with Gilda), quiet thing that could live a full existence in her room with her e-books and her imagination. She was also, in Gilda’s humble opinion, the most drop-dead gorgeous creature in the entire universe. Still, even the pinnacle of beauty can try a girl’s patience every once in a while. In fact, it was pretty much <em>de rigueur</em>. “So, have you even decided on the color yet?”

A Review of Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison

51+dwWQsw6LBook:  Darkness Falls

Author:  Erin Kellison

Publisher: Fire Flower Publishing, LLC

Availability:  Amazon,  Kobo, Barnes and Noble

Author Website and Social Media:  Erin Kellison  Facebook Twitter, Google+  Goodreads Pinterest

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Jordan Lane has a certain talent, one that she isn’t even aware of completely. She can master dreams and that makes her quite interesting to Malcolm Rook. He’s trying to recruit people that can do just that. Plus, there is just something about her that seems to ignite his long-dormant passions. But Jordan is resistant- a life of responsibility and heartache keeps her own growing passions in check, but for how long? Dreams, nightmares, and lust combine and ignite in a firestorm neither Malcolm or Jordan expect.

A Review of Dark Desires by Eve Silver

Book:  Dark Desires Author:  Eve Silver Publisher: Eve Silver Availability:  Amazon, Kobo,  iTunes, Barnes & Noble Author Website and Social Media:  Eve Silver  Goodreads  Facebook Twitter Overall Rating  4.25 Overall Summary: Darcie Finch has certainly seen better days.  Betrayed and left penniless by those who she once loved and trusted, she is forced to take

To The End — Part 1

file0001476330609Mythrin pulled a silver pocket watch from beneath his cloak and whistled softly. He was going to be late; this wasn’t good at all. To keep an advisor of the royal court waiting might be considered a hanging offense in the Kingdom of Urela.

He quickened his pace, allowing his strides to lengthen against the stone and wood tile floor beneath him. He turned left down another hallway, went down a short flight of stairs, and then right, and went up a few more steps to a pair of double wooden doors, the heavy metal door handles beckoning him. He complied to their invite with a push.

“Is he here?” Mythrin asked as he walked into the room. He looked around, noted the ornate wooden table, the velvet lined chairs, the tapestries on the wall, the seemingly hundreds of scrolls lining the walls, and the single person looking over at him and smiling.

“Not yet,” said the young man, tossing a few blond hairs from in front of his eyes. “Looks like you just made it, though. Why don’t you come in and have a seat, Mythrin?”

“Thanks, Kalees,” said Mythrin as he came further into the room. “I didn’t expect to see you here. Since when do you help out with negotiations?”

Kalees gave a shrug, winced, and pulled his long braid out from between his back and the high-backed chair.

“Honestly, it’s not my cup of tea,” said Kalees easily. “I’d rather be out exploring, but the royal court thought that you might need protection on your travels.”

“Seriously?” asked Mythrin. “I’m to be protected by a scout?”

“That is not his only job, in this case, Mythrin,” said a voice from the doorway. The two men turned in their chairs to see the advisor standing there in all his purple and gold-trimmed robed glory. He was even wearing a matching hat. Both Kalees and Mythrin rose out of respect, Mythrin noting that Kalees’ hand went to cover his mouth, a small sparkle flashing across his eyes.

“And what job would that be?” asked Mythrin, raising his eyebrows, slightly.

The advisor shook his head slightly and glided to the desk, ignoring Mythrin’s question. Mythrin sighed inwardly.

“The kingdom of Urela has determined that the best course of action is to pursue a cessation of hostilities with the Kingdom of Turel to the north,” he said, his voice coming fast and rhythmic as if reciting a lesson for his master. “You, Mythrin, as one of the scholar class have been designated to travel into the kingdom of Turel, meet with two members of the Turel Brothers Class, and open negotiations with the royal court of Turel, such that it is.”

“I understand this,” said Mythrin quietly. “What I do not understand, is why–”

“Kalees, you’re mission is three-fold. First, you are to use your abilities and military training to protect and guide Mythrin as he travels to meet the designated brothers. Second, you will observe and note any characteristics of the Turel Kingdom that might be of interest to the King of Urela. Third, if negotiations shall fail, you are to get word to the royal court as soon as possible.”

Kalees nodded, and spoke quickly, glancing over at Mythrin’s eyes, flashing cold and gray.

“I understand, although I doubt Mythrin will need much protection from me,” he said with a laugh. “He is well known among the men as being one of the ablest fighters known.”

“Hmph,” answered the advisor with a scowl. “I suppose even a scholar can have some skill with a dagger.” He glanced down at Mythrin, who answered his gaze with one of his own. Mythrin smiled softly, and the court advisor swallowed quickly.

“You have three days to travel to the southern gate of the Turel Kingdom, where we have gained permission for you to enter. While in route, you will be met by two Brothers of the Turel Kingdom, who will provide you with the location of the southern gate.”

“How will we know who they are?” asked Mythrin, pulling a black hair from the edge of his cloak. The advisor sighed, a frown of disdain crossing over his face.

“They will have the mark of the kingdom of Turel, of course,” he said. “And they will know of your route. That should be sufficient, correct?”

“Hardly,” said Mythrin looking up sharply. “First, a mark can easily–”

Kalees placed his hand gently on the forearm of Mythrin, trying to calm the tension that was rumbling just below the surface.

“Mythrin does raise a valid point,” his gaze darting between the two men. “A mark is easy to copy. Should we not also know their names, or even what they look like? It would be easier to determine if something is amiss if we have at least that little bit of information.”

“Hmm. You do have a valid point, Kalees,” he said with a nod. Mythrin gripped the edge of his chair, and breathed, maintaining control as best he could.

“Their names are Brother Ptolec and Brother Ystril,” he said. They are considered to be scholars, or some sort of religious monks, so chances are they will be mighty in mind, but frail in spirit and body. I also understand that it is common for the Brothers of Turel to shave their heads. Strange custom, considering how desolate and cold it is in that region of the world.”

“And what words of negotiation do we bring from our king?” asked Mythrin.

“The wise and fierce king of Urela wishes to provide the kingdom of Turel with the opportunity to cease hostilities against the kingdom of Urela,” said the royal advisor easily. “Once the king of Turel provides proof to the satisfaction of the King of Urela, he personally promises to allow trade and supplies to flow into the kingdom through the western and southern trade routes, as escorted into the kingdom of Turel by our military. The king also graciously offers to allow those of Turel descent who have stayed within the kingdom of Urela to return to their homes, provided that they have not been convicted of a serious crime.”

Mythrin frowned. This sounded more like conditions of surrender than negotiations. But, he saw no point in saying such things.

“Sounds like you are negotiating their surrender,” said Kalees with a smile. “Is that our aim? Their surrender?”

The court advisor shrugged, his cloak billowing slightly as he exhaled.

“The end result will be the same,” he said plainly. “The people of Turel are obviously tired of fighting us. Their kingdom is in ruins. They will be glad of what we are offering them.”

Kalees raised his eyebrows and whistled softly.

“Your certainty takes my breath away, master advisor,” he said.

“Thank you, Kalees.”

“Now, horses will be provided, as well as enough supplies for the travel to the kingdom of Turel, and for the trip back. I trust you will make sure the scholar does not squander the supplies unnecessarily, Kalees.”

Mythrin tilted his head slightly to the side. He was no longer angry, not really. Now he was just amazed.

“I do not see that as a problem,” said Kalees with a smile. “Will there be anything else, master advisor?”

“No. Your horses and supplies will be waiting for you in the second western stable by dawn’s light.”

Kalees stood and bowed, and Mythrin followed his lead.

“For the glory of Urela,” announced the court advisor, stretching his arms out in triumph.

“For the glory!” echoed Mythrin and Kalees, their voices caressing the advisor as he glided out of the room, never looking back.

Review of Concrete Evidence by Rachel Grant

51jMwlbwYXL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Book:   Concrete Evidence

Author:  Rachel Grant

Publisher:  Janus Publishing, LLC

Availability:  Kobo  Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Author Website and Social Media:   Rachel Grant   Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads

Overall Rating 4.40

Overall Summary:

Erica Kessling always loved archaeology.  The science and the lure of discovering a piece of our past drew her in like nothing else.  Even the mind-numbing tasks of searching through archival data, or piecing together a long forgotten historical puzzle, or working with a less that reputable crew in an underwater salvage operation doesn’t phase her.

But when she is accused of stealing artifacts from an underwater site in an attempt to protect the artifacts from a criminal operation, Erica has no choice but to hide her background and passion and try to clear her name the only way she knows how– by uncovering the truth and taking some long awaited revenge on those who shattered her career and her life.

But there is a distraction- a very sexy, tempting, and downright dangerous intern by the name of Lee Scott.  He’s underfoot, in her way, and increasingly on her mind.  What’s more, Lee Scott isn’t here to learn about the finer points of archaeology.  He’s here to bring down a smuggling ring, and he has his sights set on Erika as his main suspect.  And he’ll do whatever it takes to get the truth out of her- including seduction.

Review of Red Tape Protector by Kathy Kulig

red-tape-protector-web-copyBook:  Red Tape Protector

Author:  Kathy Kulig

Publisher:  Burnt Stilettos Press

Availability: AmazonUS AmazonUK iTunes Kobo Barnes & Noble ARe Coffeetime Goodreads

Author Webpage and Social Media   Website Facebookauthor Twitter @ KathyKulig  Signup for Kathy’s newsletter The Lusty View Blog Goodreads Google+ Pinterest

Overall Rating:  3.25

Overall Summary:

The truth was that Alana had screwed up, and screwed up royally.  Her impulsive and caustic personality had not only endangered herself, but also those she loved, and the people at FLC.  But firing her simply wasn’t an option.  So now she’s being transformed; she has a new face, a new name, and a new assignment.  To get her ready, Jag, one of the sexiest black ops person she has ever seen is duty bound to get her into shape.  Turns out you can’t simply run away– from danger, or from love.

Review of a A Fading Amaranth By Shauna Aura Knight

51Khufzn04L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Book:  A Fading Amaranth

Author:  Shauna Aura Knight

Publisher:  Shauna Aura Knight

Availability:  Amazon

Author Social Media and Website:  Shauna Aura Knight  Twitter   Facebook Google+

Overall Rating 3.75

Overall Summary

Ever since her parents died, Alexandra has lived- and suffered- with the gift of telepathy.  Day in and day out, she has to deal with the various whispers of the thoughts of those around her, sometimes being an unwilling witness to their desires, be they dark or joyful.

Nathaniel has lived for a very, very long time- over a century, in fact, and the world of the undead and his ability to seduce those around him has lost luster.  Not only that but his muse — that which sustained him when he was alive– has faded into the distant past.  Now he finds himself questioning why he still exists, and whether anyone could love Nathan the man, or if the hollowness he feels when he feeds is a way of life.

When these two recluses meet, the passion is frantic and hot.  Through days and nights of passion, the two join forces, not only in bed, but also in the streets of Chicago, helping a motley crew of paranormals to protect the city, and themselves from various things that go bump in the night, including fire wielding mages, fae creatures, and the ever-present threat of other vampires.

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