A Review of Peculiar Savage Beauty by Jessica McCann

Book:  Peculiar Savage Beauty: A Novel Author:  Jessica McCann Publisher:  Perspective Books Availability:  Amazon  Kobo Author Website and Social Media:  Jessica McCann  Twitter Facebook Goodreads Youtube Linkedin  Overall Rating:  4.75 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary: Rosa Jean hasn’t been Rosa Jean for a while.  Growing up into a self-determined woman during a time when

Review of Assassination at Bayou Sauvage by D.J. Donaldson

Review of Assassination at Bayou Sauvage by D.J. Donaldson

Overall Summary: While enjoying a family picnic, the lemon-drop eating medical examiner extraordinaire for the city of New Orleans Andy Broussard witnesses his Uncle Joe being shot by a sniper, who then shoots himself and falls into the bayou.  Since the cause of the death in both cases is seemingly clear, it’s up to Andy

Review of Once Gone by Blake Pierce

41qISlfQLFL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Book: Once Gone

Author: Blake Pierce

Publisher: Blake Pierce

Availability: Amazon Kobo Google Books IBooks  Barnes and Noble

Author Website and Social Media: Blake Pierce Facebook

Overall Rating 3.25 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Riley Paige is taking a much-needed break from her job as an FBI profiler after her last encounter with a serial killer left her nearly broken, both physically and mentally.  Unfortunately for her, and her collegues at the FBI, another serial killer has taken to the streets and bodies of young females are being found scattered around the rural outskirts of Virginia.

Needing to get past the trauma of her past, and wanting desperately to help find the killer, Riley Paige once again does what she does best– enter the mind of the killer.  As her struggles with her own scars and nightmares mount, her relationship with her teenage daughter, her partner, and her job are tested to their breaking point.  The question remains. Will Riley and the FBI be able to track down and capture this vicious killer before Riley finally breaks?

Review of Fires of Alexandria by Thomas K. Carpenter

51D22IWoEoLBook: Fires of Alexandria

Author:  Thomas K. Carpenter

Publisher: Black Moon Books

Availability:   Amazon  Kobo Barnes & Noble

Author Website and Social Media:   Thomas K. Carpenter  Twitter Facebook

Overall Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Overall Summary:

The mystery of who truly started the fires that destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria has haunted the people of the world for almost a century by the time Heron of Alexandria is commissioned by an unknown patron to unravel the mystery.  Burdened by debt, mired in controversy, seemingly cursed by the gods, and keeping secrets that would warrant death by the morning light, Heron struggles to uncover the truth of the ancient disaster.   Aided and frustrated by a learned barbarian from the north who demands Heron’s skill and attention to create the machinations he needs to win and regain his honor.

A Review of Alexander Ranch by Marla Josephs

518czYwA9xL._SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Book:  Alexander Ranch

Author:  Marla Josephs

Publisher: Tempfield Press

Availability:   Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo

Author Social Media:   Twitter   Facebook

Overall Rating:  3.0 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Lela is in trouble.  While hiking through a nearby wilderness area, she arrives at the right place at exactly the wrong time.  Witnessing, and accidently foiling an attempted execution, Lela is forced to run.  She gets shot,  jumps into the river, and comes to shore on a nearby beach, half dead from blood loss and exhaustion.

Enter the men and women of Alexander Consultants.  After being discovered on that beach by Jordan, Lela is put under their surveillance and protection, all the while working at their home and Ranch.  Now the game is afoot, and Lela has to determine who is really her friend or foe, especially when strange things begin to happen, and her own secrets start  to be revealed.

A Review of Dark Desires by Eve Silver

Book:  Dark Desires Author:  Eve Silver Publisher: Eve Silver Availability:  Amazon, Kobo,  iTunes, Barnes & Noble Author Website and Social Media:  Eve Silver  Goodreads  Facebook Twitter Overall Rating  4.25 Overall Summary: Darcie Finch has certainly seen better days.  Betrayed and left penniless by those who she once loved and trusted, she is forced to take

A Review of A Keeper’s Truth by Dee Willson

AKT+e-book+cover+final+1400x2100Book:  A Keeper’s Truth

Author:  Dee Willson

Publisher: Driven Press

Availability: Amazon Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Indigo Books, iBooks, Smashwords, Google, Your Local Bookstore

Author Website and Social Media Links: Dee Willson Twitter


Overall Rating:  4.0 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Is Tess losing her mind?  She’s not quite sure, but somehow she isn’t that surprised.  Nightmares have plagued her for years, and now she’s having hallucinations in broad daylight.  Images of a naked man devouring an unconscious woman assault her while she’s enjoying coffee at a local shop with a friend.  It must be the grief after losing her husband, raising a child alone, and years of living with an unstable mother finally taken their toll.  Of course, this doesn’t improve at all when Bryce, Carlise’s most elusive bachelor and her neighbor Tom start to take a passionate interest in her.

Little does Tess know that the chaos that her life has become is already written in her soul, and her nightmares link her to the past she doesn’t realize exists, and the only two that can help her are the men that both feed her passion and her fear.

Review of Murder and Brandy Boy by Dianne Harman

Book:  Murder and Brandy Body: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 2 Author:  Dianne Harman Publisher:  Dianne Harman Availability:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble Author website and social media:  Dianne Harman  Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Google+  Goodreads Overall Rating:  2.25 stars out of 5 Stars Overall Summary Life is certainly busy enough for Liz Lucas at

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