Stripping Away and Building Up

25-08-2006 (5)Perhaps it’s because the weather has FINALLY started to warm up.  Perhaps it’s because so much in my life has gotten so complicated without me noticing.  Or maybe, just maybe this urge to strip away the dead wood and build up what is good and solid is coming out of necessity.  It doesn’t really matter- the result will be ultimately the same- at least that the plan.

As a person, I tend to try and do too much.  Delegation was never one of my strong points — in fact if there was an allergy to it, I’m sure I would be one of the prime example of a person suffering from it.  I feel the need to control, to do, to act, even when everything within and without is screaming “No!  Stop!  Enough!”

Asking for help, and reminding myself that it’s okay to do so takes a lot.  Trust me.

But I’m starting to learn.  Yes, I know I’m a bit slow at this, and late to the party, but bare with me, o.k?


conversationOver the last few days I ended up taking a bit of a break from writing- at least the part of it that involves sitting down in front of a keyboard and typing. My husband’s birthday was close to the weekend, so we decided that we would spend time together, both with friends and by ourselves and celebrate the fact that he was alive and in relatively good health.

It was during this time that I was reminded of the importance of listening for the writer-or for anyone for that matter. Listening of course, involve hearing, but it is more than that. Listening involves taking in the world around you, and considering it carefully. It means critically thinking about the truth of someone’s words, the potential fault of your own, and of course how your reaction mirrors your instinctive feelings for the situation.

As a writer, I strive to make my words sound as natural. While writing dialogue I always stop and ask myself- “Would the character really say that? Would he or she use those particular words?” I also read my work out loud. It’s a great way to see where the stumbling blocks are. If I can hear myself struggling to read the passage, it’s far from a natural progression of the words.

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