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Author Interview Blitz: Ferris Robinson

The next installment of the Emerald Musings Author Interview Blitz features Ferris Robinson, author of Making Arrangements. Once again, we’ve found another writer brave- or foolish enough to answer our five-question blitz.  Please enjoy! Question # 1: Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write? I have written for almost as long as […]

Author Interview Blitz: Pauline Yates

The Emerald Musings Author Interview Blitz continues on with a conversation with Pauline Yates, an up-and-coming blogger, and writer trying to navigate the waters of our world. Please enjoy! Question # 1: Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write? I’ve always considered myself a storyteller. Writing allows me to express the stories […]

Five Question Interview: Jaye Shields

You have a degree in Anthropology specializing in archeology from San Francisco State University. Was there a particular time period or area of archeological study that held a fascination for you during your study? Great question. My emphasis was Maya Civ, including Olmec, Zapotec and Aztec peoples. I also took a lot of great classes […]

Five Questions for Adrian Lupsa, author of Necessary Evil

You’ve written quite a number of short stories in your earlier years. Do you think that writing them helped you prepare for writing Necessary Evil? If so, how? I started to write in primary school when my compositions (homework) were really appreciated by my teachers. In high school, I continued writing poems and short stories, […]

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