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The Inspiration Behind A White Belt in Art by John Vorhaus

John Vorhaus

In the spring of 2016, I had come to the end of a certain road. After forty years of a productive and reasonably successful writing life, I had to admit that my enduring passion for writing books was not being matched in any meaningful way by the market’s passion for buying them. Having just released […]

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

Near to the Knuckle and Pulp Metal Magazine are collaborating on a Neo-Giallo magazine series. These publishers have long lists of dark fiction specialists.  Filling the magazine with stories that pervade the mind with unconventional pleasure – a ripping, screaming,  dark energy – would be a relatively simple thing. Reviving the Giallo genre, though? Challenge. […]

Tony Knighton’s Three Hours Past Midnight Inspiration

Five Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started To Write (Crime) Fiction

Laura has generously invited me to write about the inspiration(s) for my novel Three Hours Past Midnight from Crime Wave Press. In the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, near the Art Museum — yes, the museum with the steps from Rocky — there is a house, an impressive, well-kept three-story Italianate Brownstone, which many here mistakenly […]

When Inspiration Hits — A New Series on Emerald Musings

Hello All, and Happy Friday! First, let me apologize– I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs, Emerald Musings and Walking the Path as well as I should.  While I have a few very exciting reasons for it, there really is no excuse, and you have my heartfelt apologies for dropping the ball. As an […]

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