A Decade of Magic and the Written Word

Back in 2008, a small company was started. It was started to meet a very specific need, namely to keep food on my family’s table, and a roof over our head. I had been laid off, yet again, and with mortgages, skyrocketing bills, and no prospects in sight, I knew that something had to change.

I had to change.

So The Writers Thread, in all its glory (trust me, there wasn’t much glory) was born. I used my love and passion for writing and editing and slowly built a valued business that not only helped to sustain my family and me through some rough economic times but also gave us the chance to rediscover the idea of “what if” once again.

Over the next ten years, I worked with some great clients, some I probably should have stayed away from in the long run, and grew in both my sense of business and my sense of self. It got to the point that in 2017 I knew that if I didn’t expand my horizons and take on new challenges, and new help that I would be stuck where I was.

And there was no way that I would let that happen.

American Disaster Synopsis

The more that I think about it, the more OK I am with Lord Trump as our brave and foolhardy dictator. Total war could be fun; they seemed to enjoy it in Germany and Japan. Think of it as a chance to do a little looting. start some fires, break shit. tie off some loose ends. The end of the world isn’t such a big deal for people who aren’t afraid to eat a little human flesh. Are you one of us? Or are you fucking moving to Brazil because that’s looking pretty good right now.”

Very funny. Very fucking funny.

We used to talk a lot of shit before the sky fell and everything was changed forever.

Everything. Every. Fucking. Thing.

Things started to crumble even before he was sworn in. His homely, smug, conceited presence in all media for months on end was enough to start the country rolling toward the edge.

The December race riots led to the deaths of several thousand people throughout the southern block before election year could fade into history. They were set into motion when a black church was burned to the ground as trapped churchgoers tried to beat their way out through sealed doorways.

This was the first sally of the ALA. A political movement for the new racial war effort. By Trump’s swearing in this group had swelled to upward of a million members and had control of much of rural Alabama and Georgia.

Trump’s comment:

Well, I support them. I mean, I don’t support them, I support their passion. They really care about their country, and we all do.”

Although he elaborated at some pompous length, in the end it was not clear WHAT he

supported, but he certainly wasn’t condemning anyone over it.


Warning— Rant Ahead.  If you’re offended by what I say, think carefully as to the reason why.

So I wanted to write about something that has been bothering me quite a bit lately.  Now I know I shouldn’t allow myself to become irritated by what people do on social media, and I firmly believe in the right to say anything and to face the consequences of one’s words, but this is getting downright ridiculous.

bad-manI’m talking about the prevalent lack of maturity, mostly from adults.  People who should know better, who are routinely chiding the youngsters to behave better, to be better, to make the world a better place.

And you know what?  For the most part, EVERY single teenager or young person I have come across in the last month has had their head on right.  They are making themselves better, choosing their words (somewhat) carefully, and they are striving to make the world a better place.

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