A Decade of Magic and the Written Word

Back in 2008, a small company was started. It was started to meet a very specific need, namely to keep food on my family’s table, and a roof over our head. I had been laid off, yet again, and with mortgages, skyrocketing bills, and no prospects in sight, I knew that something had to change.

I had to change.

So The Writers Thread, in all its glory (trust me, there wasn’t much glory) was born. I used my love and passion for writing and editing and slowly built a valued business that not only helped to sustain my family and me through some rough economic times but also gave us the chance to rediscover the idea of “what if” once again.

Over the next ten years, I worked with some great clients, some I probably should have stayed away from in the long run, and grew in both my sense of business and my sense of self. It got to the point that in 2017 I knew that if I didn’t expand my horizons and take on new challenges, and new help that I would be stuck where I was.

And there was no way that I would let that happen.

Villains Should be Teddy Bears with Knives as Hearts

I want to hurt for the villain. I want to see the good in them. I want a villain to be approachable and affable. I want a villain who I can take an afternoon tea and share my secrets with.

Of course, they’ll turn around and rip my heart out and leave me pleading for more.

Villains. They can’t exist only to be evil. Relying on your villain to be a psychopath does evil things for the sake of causing misery is boring. And as a writer it’s lazy.

My Top Five Fiction Writing Mistakes

OK- a bit of a confession. As a writer, and as a person, I make mistakes. No, honest- I’m not trying to play the whole fake humility thing that you sometimes see writers and artists try to pull on their fans from time to time.

writing mistakesI honestly think- no- I honestly know- that I can improve as a writer, and as an artist. But that only comes with an examination of what mistakes were seen in my previous writing- both by myself and others. So, without further ado- here is a list of my top five mistakes as a writer- and how I plan to correct them in future stories and books.

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