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A Review of A Keeper’s Truth by Dee Willson

Book:  A Keeper’s Truth Author:  Dee Willson Publisher: Driven Press Availability: Amazon Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Indigo Books, iBooks, Smashwords, Google, Your Local Bookstore Author Website and Social Media Links: Dee Willson Twitter   Overall Rating:  4.0 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary: Is Tess losing her mind?  She’s not quite sure, but somehow she […]

Review of Quicksilver by Toni Dwiggins

Book: Quicksilver Author: Toni Dwiggins Publisher: Toni Dwiggins Availability Kobo Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple Google Author Website & Social Media Toni Dwiggins Facebook Twitter Overall Rating: 4.00 Overall Summary: The forensic geologists team of Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws are hired by a venture capitalist to help him on an unusual case deep in […]

Review of The Minimalist Budget by Derrick Rondo

Book:  The Minimalist Budget:  Learn the Secrets of Balancing Your Budget Using Minimalism to Gain Peace of Mind and Financial Freedom Author:  Derrick Rondo Publisher:  Independently Published/Derrick Rondo Availability:  Amazon Overall Rating:  2.25 out of 5 Overall Summary: Mr. Rondo provides guidance in the creation of a new life. One that is simpler, more focused […]

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