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Noir Fiction: Where the Nature of Evil Unravels

by Matt Phillips As a writer of noir and crime fiction, I spend a lot of time and creative energy conjuring evil. I contemplate evil in my stories, in my characters, and in the nature of causation and denouement. Look across the media landscape and you’ll find hundreds of creators—most of them writers—circling the dark […]

Tony Knighton’s Three Hours Past Midnight Inspiration

Five Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started To Write (Crime) Fiction

Laura has generously invited me to write about the inspiration(s) for my novel Three Hours Past Midnight from Crime Wave Press. In the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, near the Art Museum — yes, the museum with the steps from Rocky — there is a house, an impressive, well-kept three-story Italianate Brownstone, which many here mistakenly […]

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