Auntie M! Auntie M! It’s an Omen! Conversations with the Spirits

(previously published on  January 2016)

In the last blog post, I discussed the basic properties of what most people would call an omen. As a refresher, I argued that if you strip away the cultural and personal significance, most if not all instances of omens have a set of characteristics:

  • Omens are subtle
  • Omens are natural
  • Omens are persistent
  • Omens are part of a larger picture or pattern
American Goldfinch_9 (c) Michael Seeber

American Goldfinch_9 (c) Michael Seeber

If we accept these characteristics as being accurate, questions arise. How or why does something that has all characteristics of being part of the natural world have a supernatural connotation? How has the omen become associated with the telling of future events and with divination?

Well, I believe that the answer lies in the idea of communication, and the illusion of separation. Of course, this is only my opinion– your experience and your opinion may be different.

Honor and Respect: Salutations Along the Path

(previously published on December 2015)

When people discover I follow a shamanic path, they usually have a lot of questions, which is absolutely fabulous. It’s even almost as good as the show, but I digress.

PRAYING MANTIS 1BOne of the questions that I hear most often is something along the lines of “Who do you pray to?” or “Who do you worship?”

I do understand what they’re asking, and sometimes even why they are asking it. People will often use questions like these to try and find some common ground with another person. Finding common ground is a great way to start building a relationship with something or someone.

For the longest time, I lied when someone asked me this question. Not out of malice, or the wish to deceive, but rather because it was simply easier. You see, I neither pray nor do I worship the various entities that I encounter along my path.

Writing, Communication and other Frustrating Activities

What a week. For those who dream of a writer’s life, let me bring you in on a little secret. Yes, it is worth it, but there are times when tearing your hair out do seem like a more enjoyable pastime.

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of talking with a small publisher and distributor in the Chicago region concerning The Spring and Autumn Murders . I met him through a friend, and he was considering helping me out with the distribution of the book by featuring it, possibly in his 2013 catalog.

I was happy and excited to meet with the gentlemen, and of course a bit wary. True, I had done my research and hadn’t discovered anything bad about him or the company he worked for, but still, this book is precious to me. I wanted to both allow it to spread its wings and keep it protected from the predators that might exist. Still, with a mixture of hesitation, trepidation, and a fair amount of excitement I went to the meeting.

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