Review of Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy

Book:  Her Name is Mercie Author:  Chris Roy Publisher:  Near to the Knuckle Publishing Availability:  Amazon Author Website and Social Media:  Unjust Element  Twitter  Facebook GoodReads Overall Rating 4.5 Stars Overall Summary: Her Name is Mercie is a collection of short stories written by Chris Roy and illustrated by Craig Douglas.  The stories include the

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

Villain Guest Post

The trigger happy, mentally ill Army veteran that leaves bodies on several continents. The housewife that goes berserk on her family with a kitchen knife – and revels in it. Or, the Idea: The old kindergarten teacher taken by the fervor of a protest outside a fertility clinic, and begins killing pregnant women after removing

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

Near to the Knuckle and Pulp Metal Magazine are collaborating on a Neo-Giallo magazine series. These publishers have long lists of dark fiction specialists.  Filling the magazine with stories that pervade the mind with unconventional pleasure – a ripping, screaming,  dark energy – would be a relatively simple thing. Reviving the Giallo genre, though? Challenge.

When Inspiration Hits — A New Series on Emerald Musings

Hello All, and Happy Friday! First, let me apologize– I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs, Emerald Musings and Walking the Path as well as I should.  While I have a few very exciting reasons for it, there really is no excuse, and you have my heartfelt apologies for dropping the ball. As an

The Inspiration for my Latest WIP by Chris Roy

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Writing a Novel with a Female Protagonist

By Hook or Crook the criminal ventures of Razor and Blondieby Chris Roy

1. I wish I had known the difficulties in writing first-person vs. third-person POV, female.

The very first female character I created was in a collection of short stories titled By Hook or Crook: the criminal ventures of Razor and Blondie. The point of view was third-person, with Razor as the main protagonist. His observations, thoughts, and feelings were more prominent in the narration than hers. I had never studied the craft of fiction writing before penning Crook, had zero experience. So I wasn’t aware anything was missing for her character. Strangely, writing a female in first-person POV made me aware of several things that improved my third-person stories.

Shocking Circumstances was my first full-length novel. After reading L.A. Outlaws by T. Jefferson Parker, I wanted my first novel to feature a strong, edgy female protagonist. Books on writing and publications such as Psychology Today were a staple of my daily routine at that point. I thought I could pull off a compelling story told by a female. I enjoy a good challenge and knew this project would be difficult. But, damn…

You have to be bold, I told myself. So I introduced the Shocker… in first-person. As the story progressed and her character developed, the scenes placed her in situations that increased in physical difficulty, each circumstance tougher than the last to explain how a female would overcome it. I remember laughing as I realized her physical difficulties increased my mental difficulties.

Four chapters in, I realized “getting into character” was not the way to write a female character. Not for me. I’m not an actor. I did a lot of brainstorming. A lot of pacing, and used my friends as idea sounding boards that bordered on abuse before determining a new approach.

Don’t be the actor. Be the cameraman. “Watch” her through a kind of mental camera lens.

This way of thinking worked for me. I could disassociate and still observe her in first-person. I re-wrote the beginning chapters, confidence returning. The discomfort had eased. Then I attempted a sex scene.

The Emerald Musings 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Series Begins in April

The Emerald Musings “5 Things I Wish I Had Known” Series Begins in April

Greetings, Everyone! Since I’ve managed to get some wonderful guest post contributions over the years, I decided to go to the well again and see what I could get.  And you ladies and gentlemen certainly didn’t disappoint!  So, starting in April, we’re featuring a new guest post on every Friday that follows the theme of

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