A Review of Bloody Sheets By Andrew Rausch

Book: Bloody Sheets Author: Andrew Rausch Publisher: Close to the Bone (an imprint of Gritfiction, LTD) Availability: Amazon Author Social Media & Blog: Andrew Rausch Twitter Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary DeRay “Coke” Cokely is on a mission. After his estranged son is brutally lynched in Gibson Alabama by members of

Review of Silent Night by C.J. Kyle

CoverBook: Silent Night

Author:  C.J. Kyle

Publisher:  Avon Publishing

Availability:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  ITunes  Kobo

Author Social Media:   Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads

Overall Rating 3.75 out of 5

Overall Summary

Christmas Tennessee is one of those towns were locked doors are as common as unfriendly people.  Police Chief Tucker Ambrose had made a life for himself in this town, where the most daring criminal act is the occasional shop-lifting. Now Tucker has found a lot of blood in a back alley, and a raven-haired beauty renting from him.  He hopes that the blood is a prank, and it isn’t connected to that beauty that is making him remember what it’s like to desire.

Miranda knows what’s going on, and she’s willing to do anything- anything at all- to stop it.  A serial killer has descended on this small little town, and she’s followed him, hoping to gather enough evidence to bring him to justice and free and innocent man.  Nothing will stop her- not even that hunky small town police chief that can stop her heart with a single glance.

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