Writing Tricks

file8741254094702Like many independent writers today or just writers, in general, our lives rarely consist of long days sitting behind a keyboard or typewriter.  The classic image of a writer slaving behind a keyboard in a poorly lit room is as much fiction to us as anyone else.

Truth be told it is extremely hard (but not impossible) to make a living as a full-time writer.  It takes a combination of stamina, luck, practice, determination, and a little help from the outside world to get it done. For many of us that magical combination hasn’t quite been realized, so we try to balance what we love to do with what we have to do.

I’m actually one of the lucky in a sense.  While I don’t make enough money from the selling of my books to support my family yet, my other jobs- freelance writing, ghostwriting, and environmental consulting– do allow me to live and work on my terms.  Sometimes I do miss the regularity of a 9 to 5 job, but I know that I would never go back to that world- not unless my life, or someone I loved depended on it.

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