Review of Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy

Book:  Her Name is Mercie Author:  Chris Roy Publisher:  Near to the Knuckle Publishing Availability:  Amazon Author Website and Social Media:  Unjust Element  Twitter  Facebook GoodReads Overall Rating 4.5 Stars Overall Summary: Her Name is Mercie is a collection of short stories written by Chris Roy and illustrated by Craig Douglas.  The stories include the

Call for Submissions! Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmare Anthology 2019

Hi Everyone, Calling all writers, from beginner to expert! Announcing a new call for submissions for an anthology to be published in the first quarter of 2019 (Sometime between January and March). The theme of the anthology is as follows: Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmares I am looking for short stories that explore the nature of the

Review of Warp and Woof: Weaving Community Life by Sahar Sabati and Shira Trick

71MugXgGd1L._SL1024_Book:  Warp and Woof:  Weaving Community Life

Authors:  Sahar Sabati and Shira Trick

Publisher:  Sahar Sabati (Independent publisher)

Availability:  Amazon

Overall Rating 4.85 out of 5.0 Stars

Overall Summary:

Sahar Sabati and Shira Trick present a collection of short stories that delve into one of the most important aspects of being human- our relationships.  Varied and complex as they are, these authors touch on so many different aspects, with each story focusing on a different type or different aspect.  From tackling the generational divide in “The Path Less Taken” or the fears and trepidation of fatherhood in “The Hand of the Father” or the realization that some things are more important than others in “The End and the Beginning” the reader is lead through a series of conversations, and situations that allow a the reader to not only glimpse at the world around them in a new way, but also at themselves.

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