~ 01 Butterfly, Monarch_05Hello All,

First, in case you haven’t noticed, things at Emerald Musings have been shaken up a bit. Due to some-ahem- technical difficulties on my part, I had to completely re-do my website.  Hopefully you like the result, and don’t worry, I’ll have the finishing touches on the other pages done soon enough.

I also wanted to apologize to the many authors that I have had the pleasure of reviewing on this blog. Sadly, I was unable to retrieve many of my blog posts.  I do believe many of the reviews are already up on Amazon and Goodreads, and if feasible I will re-do the ones I can.

That being said- I’m always open for more books and stories to review- any genre, any format and any length.

And of course, you’ll always find my rants, musings and excited shouts about random and not so random happenings in my world.

So, as always, please feel free to comment, ridicule, praise, and or engage!


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