Review of The Reckoning by Glyn Smith-Wild

The Reckoning CoverBook:  The Reckoning

Author:  Glyn Smith-Wild

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Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Overall Summary:

This third installment in the Ben Coverdale series begins as Mary recovers from a knife attack, that Ben is convinced was orchestrated by her ex-lover, Donald. While he is certain of his suspicions, the authorities are proving much harder to convince, especially since evidence is sorely lacking. However, with help from the English Police, Interpol, and an undercover cop in the dangerous streets of Paris, his quarry is just a few footsteps away. But this situation gets a lot more deadly and a lot more complicated when Donald is forced to go on the offensive. Nothing is quite as it seems in this story, and the suspense and intrigue will keep just about anyone interested.

Overall Impressions:

Anyone who knows me well knows that I simply devour mysteries, especially when they are complex and as tightly woven as this one is. Glyn Smith-Wild’s writing style is reminiscent of the subtle, understated by still nail-biting style of Martha Grimes and her Richard Jury series. His ability to weave a tale from many different viewpoints, draw out supporting characters, and still keep the reader guessing is very skillfully done. For me, the characters of Cas and Lizzie, although somewhat minor in their roles was the most fun to read about.

If I would have one critique about The Reckoning, I imagine that it would be that it seems to require a reading of the other books in the series to get a better picture of the overall story. It is a small annoyance, however, and with the popularity of series in today’s market, I can completely understand the idea of hinting at other books and other stories to encourage the readers to purchase another book.

Glyn Smith-Wild provides a taunt and subtlety written mystery that allows the reader’s imagination to be engaged, and in all honesty, what more can you ask for?

Rating system:
0 Stars – Great for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive
1 Star – Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand
2 Stars – Put it on your to Borrow list
3 Stars – Buy it if you get the chance- worth a weekend read.
4 Stars – This is definitely something to add to your library
5 Stars – Impulse Buy Approved.

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