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Overall Summary:

The German Messenger by David Malcolm

Author:  David Malcolm Publisher:  Crime Wave Press Availability:  Amazon Google Books Booktopia Barnes and Noble Author Website and Social Media: Amazon Author Page Overall Rating  3.0 Stars

1916 is coming to the close, and the Great War is grinding on.  Soldiers and loved ones from all sides of the conflict are growing weary of the fighting and heartache, but still feel the duty and the need to go on fighting for their sides.  War is hell, but it is a hell that must be gone through to come out the other side.

In the midst of the turmoil, Harry Draffen is on a mission.  As a British secret agent, he is tasked with the mission of discovering the nature of a plot against England by the Central Powers.  So the hunt for the truth begins, leading Harry and his allies through the slums of East London, and Oxford to the brutal Western Front and into Scotland and Northern England, chasing the elusive German Messenger, and the truth as his world transforms around him.

Overall Impressions:

I will admit, The German Messenger starts off slow, almost painfully so.  But, both the characters and the setting are multi-dimensional and pull the reader into the book.  This more than makes up for the sometimes stiff telling of the plot.   And I do mean “telling”.  Although there are plenty of scenes in the book that hint at action and intrigue, the author rarely uses these scenes to their fullest extent.  The reader is often kept as a hungry observer, somehow standing just outside the action.  Whether the other chose to do this to envelop the reader in the haze and confusion of war I am uncertain.  The narrator in the begins by cautioning the reader that it is “all stories” and I tend to agree with that assessment.  The German Messenger is all stories- well told by characters that have clearly lived through them, but somehow I didn’t feel the connection to their lives that I craved at the beginning.

David Malcolm

David Malcolm

Should this book be placed on your wish list or bought?  I’d say yes, but be prepared to read a book that is somewhat more detached than many others in the market today.  It can be a refreshing change of pace, but if you’re expecting to be immersed in the world of a World World I secret agent, you might be left wanting.

Rating System:

0 Stars – Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Stars-  Perfect Gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars- Put it on your “to borrow” list

3 Stars  — Buy it if you get the chance; worth a weekend read

4 Stars — Definitely add it to your library

5 Stars  — Impulse Buy Approved

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