Review of The Bleak Door By Christian Baker

Book:  The Bleak Door

Author:  Christian Baker

Publisher:  Christian Baker/Amazon Kindle

Availability:   Amazon

Author  Website:   The Bleak Door

Author Social Media:   Facebook

Overall Rating  1.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary

The Bleak Door provides the reader with a vision of the future– one where a nuclear holocaust is sanction by one the most powerful governments, gestapo tactics become the normal way of things, and those who don’t comply are left to fight and wonder who or what the enemy is exactly.  The book follows the everyday lives of very different people as they try to navigate the new world.  These include Susan and Tom- trying to stay one step ahead of a new and frightening security force, Benson, a scientist who is finally torn out of his depression by the panicked pleas of a desperate daughter, and Richards, a man who has to come to terms with the idea of service to his country might be transforming into something completely different.

Overall Impressions:

The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover.  The partially opened door, worn and slightly abused graced my brain with tantalizing clues.  What was behind that door?  Where did it lead? Was I in store for a subtle horror story, a subtle but still breath-taking sci-fiction novel?  The possibilities of that cover and the title, The Bleak Door was simply intoxicating.

Sadly, I was not intoxicated; I was confused and disappointed.  The Bleak Door attempted to weave a taut thriller where the reader was pulled into an intricate plot of aliens, a new world order, the rise of a new form of thinly-veiled Nazism, and a growing, but confusing rebellion that fails to gain any decisive traction or sense of purpose.

I will say that when the story did provide some action, the description of events did provide well-detailed imagery.  A talented artist could easily have drawn  very easily from the descriptions provided.  Sadly, the majority of the book consisted of the reader being told what happened, or reading it through painfully bureaucratic “missives” from a governmental agency.

Perhaps the most disappointing part is that there was so much potential in this book.  Any one of the numerous attempted plot lines would have made an enthralling story.  However by trying to weave so many of them together the author essentially “threw” the plot and characters at the reader, hoping at least something would stick.

Unfortunately, at least for this reader, nothing did.

 Rating System:

0 Stars: Great for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive.

1 Star: Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars: Put it on your ‘to borrow’ list

3 Stars: Buy it if you get the chance- worth a weekend read

4 Stars: This is definitely something to add to your library

5 Stars: Impulse buy Approved


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