Review of Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy

Her Name is Mercie

Book:  Her Name is Mercie

Author:  Chris Roy

Publisher:  Near to the Knuckle Publishing

Availability:  Amazon

Author Website and Social Media:  Unjust Element  Twitter  Facebook GoodReads

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Her Name is Mercie is a collection of short stories written by Chris Roy and illustrated by Craig Douglas.  The stories include the title story “Her Name is Mercie”, as well as “Re-Pete”, “Hunger”, “Libby’s Hands”, and “Marsh Madness.”

Her Name is Mercie tells the story of Mercie Hillbrook, who after finding that her parents are killed during a tragic accident at the hands of two police officers, goes on a gripping expedition of revenge and frustration.  Along for the ride is Kermit, and police chief Petez tries to contain the chaos as best he can.

The other stories in this collection deal with the harsher side of life, including abuse, murder, obsessive-complusive disorders, memories, and relationships in general.

Overall Impressions:

Anyone who has read Emerald Musings for even a short while will soon realize that Chris Roy has been a guest blogger on this blog numerous times, so it’s fair to say that one should take what I say here with a grain of salt.  That being said, I do strive to keep the reviews as honest and straightforward as I can.

Often when I finish reading a book, any book, I try to think of the first word that pops into my head — an impression of the book overall.

In this case, the word was visceral.

Chris Roy’s writing is at times uncomfortable, sometimes humorous, often nerve-jarring, but always memorable.  In story after story in this collection, he proves that he has the rare gift to pull the reader into his world through his dynamic characters and engaging plots.  These are stories that will stay with you and speak to you on an almost instinctive level.

In the title story, I’d have to say that my favorite characters by far were Kermit and Chief Petez.  Both had a unique relationship with Mercie, and tried to help her in their own way, working both outside and inside the system.  Plus the interactions between the two and Mercie, especially near the end reminded me of a feuding family in a way.  I’m not sure if that was the intention of the author, but it worked very well.

In all honesty, my only real complaint about these stories is that I would have liked to see a bit more time taken to set the stage as it were.  Given the intense and dynamic nature of the plot and characters, the setting seems a bit flat at times.

Overall though I would most definitely recommend this short story collection without hesitation.

Rating System:

0 Stars — Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Stars — Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars — Put it on your “to-borrow” list

3 Stars — Buy if you get the chance – worth a weekend read

4 Stars — Definitely add to your library

5 Stars — Impulse Buy Approved.

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