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blue midnight tess thompsonBook:  Blue Midnight

Author:  Tess Thompson

Publisher:  Tess Thompson/Amazon Kindle

Availability:  Amazon

Author Website:  Tess Writes

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Overall Rating:  3.25 out of 5

Overall Summary:

It was the last kiss that made her world turn upside down before Blythe Heywood left that starry Idaho sky and returned to her fiance, responsibility, and a very conventional planned out life.

Now her life was upended.  The marriage was over, her husband having left her for a much younger model.  The kids were away for a three week vacation in Hawaii with their father and his new bride, and there was Blythe, years older, holding a scrap of paper with a phone number, and a memory of a tempting road not taken.

With the help of her sister, and some new friends she meets along the way, Blythe sets out to rediscover the road not taken, finds a bit of mystery, a few quirky new friends, and the blossoming of new love–one that knows how complicated it can truly be.

Overall Impressions

This book was a fun read.  It was great to see a romance between two characters who were middle aged, wiser from experience and no longer breathless with anticipation at everything.  The love making scenes were fun as well, with the author poking fun at all the creaks and groans that come with age.  I also enjoyed the fact that she touched on the Blythe’s internal struggle as she wrestled with the desire to sarcastically rip apart her ex-husband’s new life, and the need to keep things civil for the kids caught in the middle.

I will admit, that the developing love story between the newly divorced Blythe and her latest beau seemed a bit too rushed to be realistic.  But perhaps that is just the normally unromantic side of me coming out for a visit.

Overall this book was a fun read, and I breezed through it in about a day an a half.  So if you have a bit of time, and you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted and mature romance, this is a good choice.

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