A Review of A Keeper’s Truth by Dee Willson

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AKT+e-book+cover+final+1400x2100Book:  A Keeper’s Truth

Author:  Dee Willson

Publisher: Driven Press

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Overall Rating:  4.0 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Is Tess losing her mind?  She’s not quite sure, but somehow she isn’t that surprised.  Nightmares have plagued her for years, and now she’s having hallucinations in broad daylight.  Images of a naked man devouring an unconscious woman assault her while she’s enjoying coffee at a local shop with a friend.  It must be the grief after losing her husband, raising a child alone, and years of living with an unstable mother finally taken their toll.  Of course, this doesn’t improve at all when Bryce, Carlise’s most elusive bachelor and her neighbor Tom start to take a passionate interest in her.

Little does Tess know that the chaos that her life has become is already written in her soul, and her nightmares link her to the past she doesn’t realize exists, and the only two that can help her are the men that both feed her passion and her fear.

Overall Impressions:

Many reviewers have called Dee Willson a natural storyteller, and I can see why.  Her prose is tightly written, realistic, and her characters have the emotional dimension that is somewhat lacking in many of today’s novels.  She also brings a new outlook and writing voice to the paranormal romance genre, bringing a touch of reality into it.  I especially liked when Bryce had to think of a new way to win over a nurse to allow him to donate blood quickly when his usual manly and paranormal charms didn’t work.  It was nice to see that.  I also rather enjoyed how spunky and realistic Tess was.  The writing showed the character’s fear, her longing, and her misgivings, but most of all it showed her perseverance in the face of a sometimes unbelievable situation.

I think perhaps where the author faltered a bit was in the fact that she had so much going on in her plot.  There were a number of sub-plots- what I call “teaser tangents” that never seemed to be really developed, and honestly didn’t add a lot to the story as a whole because of it.  Personally, I would have loved to see a bit more about the relationship between Karen and her doctor husband.  A complex relationship, frustrating, and sometimes rewarding relationship- in other words a real relationship was hinted at, but never really seen.

I honestly expect good things from this author, and would definitely consider purchasing more of her books when they arrive in stores.

Rating System:

0 Stars – Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Star-   Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars – Put it on your “to borrow” list.

3 Stars – Pick it up if you get a chance.  Worth a weekend read.

4 Stars – Definitely add to your library

5 Stars- Impulse Buy Approved.

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2 thoughts on “A Review of A Keeper’s Truth by Dee Willson”

  1. Thank you, Laura, for reading and reviewing A Keeper’s Truth!

    Dee Willson
    Author of A Keeper’s Truth and GOT

  2. jeanne jensen says:

    I read this novel and must say that it was a joy to read. Beautifully written. Hard to put down. Five stars from this avid reader.

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