A Review of Alexander Ranch by Marla Josephs

A Review of Alexander Ranch by Marla Josephs post thumbnail image

518czYwA9xL._SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Book:  Alexander Ranch

Author:  Marla Josephs

Publisher: Tempfield Press

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Overall Rating:  3.0 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary:

Lela is in trouble.  While hiking through a nearby wilderness area, she arrives at the right place at exactly the wrong time.  Witnessing, and accidently foiling an attempted execution, Lela is forced to run.  She gets shot,  jumps into the river, and comes to shore on a nearby beach, half dead from blood loss and exhaustion.

Enter the men and women of Alexander Consultants.  After being discovered on that beach by Jordan, Lela is put under their surveillance and protection, all the while working at their home and Ranch.  Now the game is afoot, and Lela has to determine who is really her friend or foe, especially when strange things begin to happen, and her own secrets start  to be revealed.

Overall Impressions

As far as being an enjoyable read, you can’t go far wrong with Alexander Ranch. The main characters are realistic, engaging, and the relationships between them have the complexity you would expect. Also, her descriptions allow for the reader to easily visualize what is happening.

However, I felt that there were a few shortfalls in her story.  First, for a romantic suspense novel, I really didn’t feel too much suspense.   The various twists and turns were easily seen well beforehand, and it never seemed that the heroine was in any real danger.  Even the attempted attack scene in the barn felt a bit staged.  Also, I found a few of her minor characters to be mere placeholders with no real substance of their own.  Overall, this book would have benefitted from a bit more development and polishing.

Rating System:

0 Stars  — Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Star — Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars — Put it on your “to borrow” list

3 Stars – Buy it if you get the chance- worth a weekend read

4 Stars- Definitely add to your library

5 Stars – Impulse Buy Approved


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