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It was the winter of 1789 and all Jack wanted was some peace…Jack hoped that the war wouldn’t follow him into the mountains of western North Carolina, just south of what would later become Tennessee. He prayed that his small shack and the mountain air would grant him solace and the time he needed to heal his mind and body. He had a wife and son waiting for him, after all.

All they wanted was a little fun…Elijah, William, and Julius were always warned not to venture into the mountains; the dangers lurking within them were real. It was better to stay behind, doing chores, learning from their teacher, Master Hicks, and going to church. But boys will be boys, and a little bit of excitement and danger is just what they need.

All it wanted was revenge…The old Indian trader Sam knew just how dangerous the mountains could be. He knew of the shadow demons that slept fitfully in the darkness, waiting hungrily for their murderous revenge. Sam and his daughter Dorothy had stood vigil against that day and hoped that the horrors of the past would never come again.


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