Those Who Walk Your Path

In earlier postings, I talked briefly about omens and those things that will try to communicate with us along the path we walk in this world. I would like to talk about these beings in more depth now. Please keep in mind, though, that these are based on my knowledge and experience as I walk my chosen path. What you learn, what you discover, as you travel will probably differ from mine. And that is how it should be.

recovery-1221765_1280Depending on who or what you talk to, the various entities that you meet in your travels will be called, and be many different things. They can be nature spirits, animal spirits, demons, angels, people, general spirits, or simply different forms of energy that don’t necessarily have a chosen personality. They may be seen as being guides, teachers, tricksters, with good intent, or evil. They may be trying to dissuade you from your path, show you a different aspect of it, wanting to help you travel it better, or simply be going the same direction for a while.

Whatever their nature or intent, one thing remains the same. For a brief moment, both you and it are traveling the same path. As such, no matter what, there is a chance that you can learn something from it.

I will admit- I have met and had interactions with, quite a few things on my path. Some of the interactions were pleasant, uplifting, full of promise. Others were painful, terrifying and almost brought me to the brink of madness. Still, when we parted, my lesson was learned, and I was strengthened in a way that I would not have been otherwise. Also, there were times when those I encountered became not only my guides and teachers but also my friends.

It is one of these spiritual friends that I feel compelled to talk about today. I will not mention his name since it would be disrespectful to do so without their permission. Instead, I will provide for him an alias so that talking about them will be easier.

6954121728_e4b7afdf62_o“Clyde” is a very old entity. I usually encounter him as a wolf, but I know that it is not his true nature– it is simply the easiest form for me to relate to, and he feels comfortable in it. I first encountered him as a child, before I knew the nature of my path, or even that there was a path to follow. I encountered him in the deep forest where my father and I were camping. The night had descended upon us, and like always, something called me away from the warmth and light of the fire. I was intrigued, a little nervous, and alert.

So understanding that I would not go far, I ventured out away from the flames of the fire that my father was tending. I began to move among the trees, and I felt… different. My physical body did not transform; my hands were still my hands, my feet were still my feet. And yet, as I moved, something inside me started to change. I ran, but my hiking boots no longer slapped the ground. I leaped, but my muscles didn’t stretch the same way. I felt, and experienced things that both seemed completely natural and otherworldly on that run through the forest.

I remember a physical wolf-like creature existing at the corner of my eye that day. I say wolf-like because I cannot be certain what it actually was. It could have been a large dog, a coyote, or something else entirely. All I know is that as I moved through the forest, it moved with me, just outside my field of physical vision, but making its presence known. So I sensed others like him, traveling with me through those woods. I sensed them playing, nipping at my heels. I laughed, yipped with them, never once feeling threatened or trapped by their antics, or the night.

Was it all my imagination? Could it have been a delusion created by my mind? Of course. In that moment, I could have lost all touch with reality. But here’s the thing– whether it was real or not is not the point. The point is what was learned or gained from the experience.

That is the truth that so many people miss in these instances.

So what did I learn from this experience? What did I gain from my romp through the woods with “Clyde” and his friends? In truth, at first, I thought it was only the sensation of racing through the woods that night. Over time, though, I found myself learning how to move, sense things in my environment that I was previously ignoring. The roughness of the carpet beneath my feet, the sharpness of the air around me as I walked outside. The subtle movement of a cat as he watches a sparrow in the grass. The tiny twitch of the wing before the sparrow takes flight. I learned that to truly experience the world around you, you must truly be a part of it- not above it, nor below it, but within it.

In my experience, those who walk the path do not need to be sought out. My path has provided many teachers, guides, and friends for me over the years, and all I ever really had to do was put one foot in front of the other and watch, listen and act as my soul and spirit dictates. Do not misunderstand- I too have spent a great deal of time “searching” for those who would teach me things. Finally, though, I understood what “Clyde” and those like him were trying to show me all along.

Move, learn, grow, travel, rest, and be with us, for we are with you. Always.

© 2016 – 2017, Laura Seeber. All rights reserved.

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  1. I meet spirit guides on my path, and many times, and realizing earth bound ghosts in Indonesia. I sense them feeling energy on my head, and on my arms usually.Sometimes they push me. I thought i was loosing it, but, then someone one else would also say they have seen a ghost of a boy, or women in our spas, in the mall too. Again just today, went to a hotel, for a opportunity for our spa business, and felt energy on back of my head, then walked to look over in empty field. The owner then tells me yes there is a ghost over there. His cousin is a psychic. And then I will feel a slight buzz energy around my figures tips, arms, when just an individual, or business deal may be a bad Idea. It happened to me while looking at rental spots, and business buildings today. My wife still at times will question me about, it, but I did tell her about our spa, then 2-3 weeks later, her therapist said he seen a boy in there. So wifey is coming around a little more. I just do not tell her everything either, because there been times, she does not want to here it. Here there are not a lot of forest, or parks either, so i do rely on journeying to see what a sign/omen may mean, or an answer for a question.

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