Review of The Profiler by Chris Taylor

UntitledBook: The Profiler

Author: Chris Taylor

Publisher: LCT Productions Pty Limited

Availability: Kobo Amazon Barnes and Noble Itunes

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary

There is a psychopathic killer wrecking havoc on the streets of Sydney Australia, and he has a gruesome calling card- he’s carving up his victims with brutal precision while they are still alive. He needs to be found and stopped quickly before another victim succumbs to his madness.

Federal Agent Clayton Munro, a profiler from the AFB is called in by an old friend to help with the case. He is forced to put aside his emotional turmoil to help his friend and the Sydney teams of detectives find the killer before it’s too late. But he finds that inner turmoil and a psychopathic killer isn’t the only thing he has to contend with.

Detective Ellie Cooper has had her share of heartaches and betrayals, including being left at the altar by a rising young star in the AFB and the death of her young son. So when Federal Agent Munro walks in the door, her dislike, and distrust is evident from the start. But even she can’t deny the growing passion between them and the sparks that fly when they get together.

Can Federal Agent Munro and Detective Cooper put aside their pasts, and work together to find a killer before it’s too late?

Overall Impressions

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that my reviews are often quite critical. I love playing devil’s advocate, and I pride myself on giving my readers a fair but biased view of the books that I read. So far, I have given very few 5-star ratings for the books.

This is one of those times. By a landslide.

Chris Taylor not only created characters with warmth, depth, and dignified flaws, she also managed to put them in a setting and situation that is not only terrifyingly real, but amazingly accurate. She shows the hunt for the psychotic killer not to be a lone-wolf operation as it is so often depicted, but rather a team effort- complete with miscommunication, emotions, frustrations, and triumphs. The focus of her story isn’t on the murders themselves, but rather the struggles and eureka moments of those chasing the killer.

The other aspect that I found refreshingly honest in her work was the fact that she didn’t allow her characters to deal with their emotional turmoil in a nice and neat fashion. The life altering changes that they went through would make anyone break. It was nice to see writing where the broken characters were acknowledged in all their shortcomings, and allowed to slowly re-build.

I downloaded this book for free on my Kobo, but once I am able to, I will be buying this book and the rest of the Munro family series. I sincerely suggest you do the same.

Rating System:

0 Stars — Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Star — Perfect gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars — Put it on your “to borrow” list

3 Stars — Buy it if you get a chance. Worth a weekend read.

4 Stars — Definitely add to your library

5 Stars– Impulse buy approved.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review The Profiler. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing what you think about the rest of the Munro Family Series. Please let me know if you would like me to provide you with a copy. I’m more than happy to do so. Kind regards, Chris Taylor

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