“Check This _____ Out!” A Call for Guest Submissions

Hello, Everyone,

Laura Seeber
Laura Seeber

As you know, for the months of April and May, Emerald Musings has a great series of guest posts lined up to keep you entertained and informed.  You can find the brave contributors here, and I strongly suggest you get to know them outside of Emerald Musings.  After all, they are clearly wonderful and talented people :).

But I digress.  On to the topic of this post.  I wanted to put out another call for a guest post on Emerald Musings for all you fans, authors, writers, or artists that may be interested.  Here’s the “theme” as it were:

“Check This _____ Out!”

Where the blank in the Title refers to an artist, author, writer, photographer or creative type that you think isn’t getting the attention they deserve.  Here are the rules — and don’t worry, they’re simple enough.

  1. The post MUST be written about someone other than yourself — sorry, no self-promotion this time!
  2.  Your choice must have something that the public can enjoy and/or  buy if they so choose — a book, a painting, a webcomic, etc 
  3. You need to explain WHY you think this particular person deserves more attention, and make a compelling argument.  Simply saying  “you need to check out Miss Smith as an author because she’s a really cool person” is not going to be enough.
  4. Your choice doesn’t have to be a new writer or artist, either – just someone that you think deserves the attention.
  5.  Please keep your post to 1000 words or less.

A Call for Guest SubmissionsGuest post submissions should be sent using the form below and must be submitted by Friday, June 23, 2017, at 9 PM MST.  Please use the subject line “Check This Out- guest submission — your name”.  I’ll be reading through the submissions and contacting acceptable ones for author bios, pictures and social media links for the author boxes. Once a post has been selected, I’ll be gathering the featured artist/author’s information and where to find their material for inclusion in the post– so you don’t have to worry about that.  Guest posts will be published in July and August of 2017.

And of course, feel free to tell the creative person that you’re writing about that they’ll be featured once you get confirmation of the publication date.

Above all – have fun, and be sure to share the love!





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