Here’s What’s Coming Next in Our Inspiration Series

Here’s What’s Coming Next in Our Inspiration Series post thumbnail image

Hello all

Just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that the Emerald Musings series on inspiration is far from over — here’s what we have in store for you in October and beyond!

This coming Friday, yours truly is picking up the mantle as I share the inspiration behind one of the darker work in progress in my collection, and also my first public foray into the world of webcomics.  The series, entitled “A Picture of You” is in the drawing stages, and I’m planning on publishing it here on The Writers Thread for your enjoyment.

The next Friday,  October 20th, our old friend Jacey Bedford returns to talk about the latest installment of her Psi-Tech Series, the book called Nimbus.  She was kind enough to have a sit down chat with yours truly about the inspiration behind one of the major characters and the universe itself.  Be sure to check it out; it’s going to be an interesting read.

After that, on October 27th, a newcomer to the Emerald Musings blog, W.J. Evans will be here to share his inspiration behind his upcoming book, Dead Deal.

And finally, we kick off November with yet another new friend to Emerald Musings, John Vorhaus, who is sharing what inspired his shift from being a successful writer to a successful artist.  

So come join in the fun — We’d love to have you!

Happy Reading!

Laura S.

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