Five Questions for Adrian Lupsa, author of Necessary Evil

cover_necessary_evilYou’ve written quite a number of short stories in your earlier years. Do you think that writing them helped you prepare for writing Necessary Evil? If so, how?

I started to write in primary school when my compositions (homework) were really appreciated by my teachers. In high school, I continued writing poems and short stories, but I never published them. I believe that all this work was not in vain, and somehow prepared me for writing a novel.

How does being a student at the Faculty of Math and Computer Science at the University of Constantza influence your creative writing? Do you see an influence from those subject areas that people might not expect?

It’s a bit funny, because writing as a hobby has nothing to do with what I study. The good thing is that I can use my computer knowledge to edit my manuscript without problems, create a website and other promotional materials without the necessity to hire someone to do it for me.

There has been quite a bit of praise for your debut novel, Necessary Evil. Do you think you’ll want to stay in the paranormal or YA genre for your next writing project, or branch out and try something unexpected?

For now, this is the writing style that defines me. I am supposed to write the second book of the series, The Shadow Keeper, but I started a short story. Unfortunately, I discovered, after I wrote about 6.000 words, that I’m only at the beginning of the story, so I will probably end writing another novel.

Your blog seems to vary quite a lot in the subjects it tackles- everything from recipes and health tips to book reviews and inspirations from Pinterest. How do you decide which subjects are worth blogging about?

When I started blogging I wanted a place to share different things from my life. I know that for some people this variety may be confusing, but actually this is the only way to get connected different kind of people around the world. The subjects are based on my hobbies or on what I’ve heard from others and I thought it might be cool to write a post on that topic.

2012 was certainly a very busy year for you. Any grand plans for 2013?

This year is going to be even busier, because I have the graduation and at the same time I want to publish another book and continue the good work on my blog.

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