Three Surprising Reasons Regular Website Maintenance is Essential

Modern businesses need a functional website to remain competitive. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t fully understand that regular website maintenance, management and upkeep are as important as its functionality and design.

Websites, just like cars, houses and electronic gadgets, aren’t just set and forgotten. They need TLC to remain effective, efficient and engaging. They look and function impeccably at arrival but soon lose their “sex appeal” if not refurbished and eventually fall into disrepair. Websites don’t work flawlessly forever; they break down when something in their environment changes. Love your website and change it to adapt and remain functional!

Review of Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy

Book:  Her Name is Mercie Author:  Chris Roy Publisher:  Near to the Knuckle Publishing Availability:  Amazon Author Website and Social Media:  Unjust Element  Twitter  Facebook GoodReads Overall Rating 4.5 Stars Overall Summary: Her Name is Mercie is a collection of short stories written by Chris Roy and illustrated by Craig Douglas.  The stories include the

Call for Submissions! Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmare Anthology 2019

Hi Everyone, Calling all writers, from beginner to expert! Announcing a new call for submissions for an anthology to be published in the first quarter of 2019 (Sometime between January and March). The theme of the anthology is as follows: Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmares I am looking for short stories that explore the nature of the

Is Evil Necessary?

When I mentioned to a friend and colleague that I was considering doing a blog post series on the nature of evil in writing, her response was typical for her:

“Oh my god, Laura! Aren’t you tired of this? I swear you have to be the only person in the world that deals with this stuff all the time! Is it really necessary? All this evil stuff?!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was by far not the only one that deals with this “evil stuff”. Not even close.

Guest Post by Steven Levi

Curse you, William Shakespeare! Curse you, Albert Broccoli! Curse you, Agatha Christie! You made the villains of the world cookie-cutter characters, literary evil behind a mask of normality. Be it Claudius, Dr. No or any of the initially-innocuous characters in any Christie novel, they are, in the end, all the same: greedy and duplicitous. Worse, they are as predictable as the sunrise and that, in a nutshell, is what WAS WRONG with the mystery, villainy in what used to be called mystery literature.

Until now.

Noir Fiction: Where the Nature of Evil Unravels

by Matt Phillips As a writer of noir and crime fiction, I spend a lot of time and creative energy conjuring evil. I contemplate evil in my stories, in my characters, and in the nature of causation and denouement. Look across the media landscape and you’ll find hundreds of creators—most of them writers—circling the dark

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