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question-738809_1280Hello All-

This past June/July I put out a call to my fellow authors on social media to help me with a project.  Essentially I was interested in learning more about how the mind of a writer ticks.  What tricks did they use to get the job done?  What habits did they wish they never developed?  I honestly wasn’t expecting too much of a response; after all, there are literally hundreds of blog post series like the one I was imagining.

But the writers of the world proved me wrong, and in a big way.

Requests to participate started to pour in– I literally had to change the settings on my spam filters because of the response.  So, I decided to use my traditional five question interview style with a slight twist.  Normally I cater my interview questions to the individual author.  This time, however, given the size of the response, I decided to have everyone answer the same five questions.  Here they are:

  1. Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write?
  2. What is one piece of writing advice that you wished you never taken?
  3. How would you explain your creative process to a five-year-old?
  4. How do you know when something in your manuscript should be edited, removed, or left as it is?
  5. And finally, what do you plan to write tomorrow?

So in the months of August and September, every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m going to have a new response from a different author posted on this blog Emerald Musings.  This, if all goes according to the plan will be in addition to my normal rants, raves, and reviews.  Oh, and to play fair, at the end of the series, I will be answering my own questions as well.  I also invite you to try and answer the questions as well in the comment sections.  The more the merrier in my opinion!

So please stay tuned to this space, and enjoy!


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