American Disaster Synopsis

The more that I think about it, the more OK I am with Lord Trump as our brave and foolhardy dictator. Total war could be fun; they seemed to enjoy it in Germany and Japan. Think of it as a chance to do a little looting. start some fires, break shit. tie off some loose ends. The end of the world isn’t such a big deal for people who aren’t afraid to eat a little human flesh. Are you one of us? Or are you fucking moving to Brazil because that’s looking pretty good right now.”

Very funny. Very fucking funny.

We used to talk a lot of shit before the sky fell and everything was changed forever.

Everything. Every. Fucking. Thing.

Things started to crumble even before he was sworn in. His homely, smug, conceited presence in all media for months on end was enough to start the country rolling toward the edge.

The December race riots led to the deaths of several thousand people throughout the southern block before election year could fade into history. They were set into motion when a black church was burned to the ground as trapped churchgoers tried to beat their way out through sealed doorways.

This was the first sally of the ALA. A political movement for the new racial war effort. By Trump’s swearing in this group had swelled to upward of a million members and had control of much of rural Alabama and Georgia.

Trump’s comment:

Well, I support them. I mean, I don’t support them, I support their passion. They really care about their country, and we all do.”

Although he elaborated at some pompous length, in the end it was not clear WHAT he

supported, but he certainly wasn’t condemning anyone over it.

It’s really too bad that comparisons to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany have been so very overused.

This is how it happens.

First you convince a population that you feel their pain. doesn’t matter what it is, or how it might be fixed. You are with them. You are their friend. They can trust you. Not a long-winded speech went by without Trump asking citizens to trust him.

Trust me, if we let these Arabs, Iranians, you know ISIS. and all that. so we need a wall because that’s where they come from. Everyone knows that. It’s a disaster.”

You have to trust me about this. I know. Seriously, I’m a smart guy. Really smart. Much smarter than you.”

If we don’t stop these, Chinese factories. I didn’t say bomb them. But we should bomb them back to the stone age if we actually did bomb them, which I’m not suggesting we do. But if we did I’d support that if that happened. And I love the Chinese. The Chinese are… I respect them. If I didn’t respect them I couldn’t, you know, make so much money selling goods that I had made in China. So there’s that. But I have a lot of money. A LOT of money. trust me.”

Nationalism. Arrogance. And Trump, like Hitler, had the power to incite ordinary people to riot.

Unlike Hitler, he made no effort to support or advance his supporters once in power. He did, however, direct the blame for their condition not back onto the idiots who worshiped him, but onto American minorities like Mexicans, blacks, and Asians. The ones who looked different from ‘us’.

Us’, US get it?

It’s us against them in every sense of the word. And us against us.

Time to get the ‘troublemakers’ out of ‘our’ country. National guard units were mobilized and moved into ‘hot’ states like Texas, Arizona, California,

And of course, New Mexico. Full of dirty Mexican rapists and thieves. The enemy.

These people, they come here, and what that means, you know that sucking sound. That means jobs, and that means money, and I said I can’t believe this, I can’t believe Obama allowed this to happen.”

And soldiers began rounding up anyone they could catch who ‘looked Mexican’. These were stored in camps and eventually deported across the southern border without even asking the nation found there for a by your leave…

The vast majority of those deported were American citizens, many for generations.

It was the beginning of the Latino purge.

The wall was begun. The greatest wall on Earth. The monument that will ever define the Trump era and what it stood for. It was mostly built by Mexican laborers. As a cost saving measure.

Now, I didn’t say I never said that all Mexicans were rapists, but you know, it’s so sad. But I said this would happen. I’m good at this. I’m the best at this.”

He rarely SAID anything in his word salads. Generally he just deflected everything people wanted to believe back on his believers. They made the conclusions. They started the riots.

The fires.

The looting.

The shooting.

He didn’t need to say anything. He didn’t actually need to suggest anything. He was a screen for them to project their fears on. A symbol of their ignorance. He was Jesus with bad hair. They heard him say whatever they wanted to hear in their dark little souls.

Southern cities burned first, as Hispanic communities attempted to band together in self-defense and were routed out by the national guard and reserve troops. Trump, of course, called these homegrown Latino quasi-military organizations ‘foreign terrorists’.

These people, these, you know Mexicans or whatever. Chinese. They do these things. now, I love helping people, but still, you know?  Now I am rich. Very, very rich. Much richer than anyone you’ve ever met. Now, do you think, do you think I had all these advantages that say a Peruvian immigrant gets in this country? English classes. They provide lunch with money that, you know. American children. You think I think, you think, no no, it shouldn’t be allowed. It’s true. But, I’m better than that. I’m better than all of you. You really have to take my word for that. I mean this suit, did you look at this suit?  Trust me, it’s true. You want this. But I didn’t say that. I’m gone, that’s too much. These groups, these, I don’t know, foreign terrorists, and it just doesn’t matter whether they were born in, uh, Utah, or Kentucky. or if their parents were. And they have to go. They have to go. No offense or whatever.”

Vigilantes murdered men, women and children in cold blood on rural streets.

Citizens were ripped from their homes and imprisoned on a scale nearly as massive as the one imposed on Russia by one-time dictator Joseph Stalin.

Meanwhile, millions of American troops and independent contractors were dispatched to ‘take the oil from Iran.’ The world community did not look fondly on this move and were vocal about their concerns.

At first Trump responded dismissively.

These, I know, Europeans, and I say, can I ask you a question. and he says, well in french. He said something. and that’s how these people are. if you get good ratings and you’re going to be in all the time. depending on what you’re saying. very simple. but these french they don’t even remember that we saved them. Americans. So if they want to tell us what to do it’s a total waste of time, I’ll be honest with you.”

Increased pressure from the international community only led to Trump’s eviction of the United Nations from New York City, with the backing of many representatives, many of which he openly bribed to vote his way. Not that ‘no’ votes ever slowed his juggernaut. States began to openly fret around that point, with Texas being hardest hit by many of Trump’s new world order initiatives. Industries collapsed. Violence reached record highs. Murder rates quadrupled.

Within a year of Trump’s presidency, California had declared its independence from the union. But they had their own problems. A great many of California’s citizens actually supported the Trump administration. Guerrilla warfare erupted throughout the state as anti-secessionists revolted.  In the northeast, New Hampshire was the first to pull out, followed days later by New York and every state North of it except Maine, who later banded with Canada rather than join the northeasters.

Atlanta burned again. As did Chicago. San Francisco. Other metropolises burned for the first time, but not the last.

Total chaos. But not yet total war.

Although that didn’t take long. Soon the nation was involved in conflicts around the world. Drones hunted foreign lands for targets. American soldiers occupied nations across the face of the globe. to fill the ranks of the new super army, a form of the draft was reinstated, one which shipped inmates from prisons to boot camps and then overseas. Trump’s administration did its best to encourage prison overcrowding for that very reason.

Target: the black community.

I love the blacks, I really do. Samuel Jackson We all love that guy. Good man. Well, not a good man maybe, he’s an actor. Actors act. It’s what they do. I don’t use a teleprompter. So yeah. And my, my housekeeper had a granddaughter I think. Maybe a daughter. and the child was black, I saw that and I thought maybe the father was a black. I mean, I assumed that. and I didn’t have a problem with them. very nice people, very clean. But drugs, all that, it’s not the blacks it’s the black, um, community. Jesse Jackson and all that. Micheal. I was at Neverland, I’ve seen it. I have. I’ve done things you wouldn’t believe. You wouldn’t. Just trust me on that.”

The press seemed conflicted. They loved his antics but lived in fear he might retaliate if they were too hard on him. which he actually did several times.

I’m calling out the news media on this. I have to. They don’t like me. But freedom of speech isn’t about, you know, lying about your political leaders. And it should be stopped. That’s not first amendment, to say those things. In China, they’d kill them. They’d kill them all. and their grandmothers. and if you don’t think so then you haven’t spent as much time there as I have. Because I go there for business. in a private jet. It’s huge. you’ve never seen such a big jet. I don’t even know how much it cost, but it was a lot. More than you can afford. I mean ever. Made A lot of money there, in China. A LOT of money. Literally a lot. You probably can’t even count that high, in dollars. I have that much money,  I’m that rich. I’m not saying that. I’m not. but if we were China I would. The media.”

The talking head murders that followed rocked an already shaking nation. Men dressed as skinheads abducted news reporters and writers, beheaded them, and left them in public places to be found by passers-by. Dozens of reporters and commentators were mutilated in this fashion.  The owners fought back, but Trump (stupidly it turned out) wasn’t afraid of them.

He named names and directed his followers to ‘follow their conscience’ as far as any further ‘retaliation’ toward vocal old money critics such as the Rothschilds and the Kochs was concerned.

If there’s going to be retaliation against these slanders, and I’m definitely not saying. Definitely. I’m a good guy. A good man. I’m good at a lot of stuff. Really, really good. but the press hates me. And these people are owners, they own the press, The Rupert Murdochs, the Kennedy’s. Just as bad and, bad. It’s a disaster.”

It was enough. his followers got the message they projected at him.

Wipe out the old guard. Take what you can from the people that have been screwing you all your lives.

Mansion dwellers nationwide hired extra security, even private armies, to defend their lands and property. Americans not in on the joke watched what was going on, horrified, as the world fell down around them. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the suppression programs of 2018 and 2019, before the country’s rightful owners finally regained control of what was now the largest military of any country ever to exist on the face of the earth.

The details here are sketchy, but the record indicates a complex plan of bribery involving hundreds of recipients and totaling millions of dollars may have been behind the sudden switch in affiliations.

We may never know.

If building a super military in record time and a two thousand miles long, twenty-foot-high concrete wall was ‘make America great again’ then Trump had succeeded. But as everyone knows, it didn’t end up working out for him.

Only after the owners had regained control of much of the military did the media seem to jump on the growing ‘overthrow Trump’ movement, with those owners strong backing as incentive.

Elements of the official federal government began to voice opinions conflicting with those of the uber-leader. he dealt with them in his characteristic word salad manner, letting underlings make the actual decisions, the ones that killed people.

Politicians were lynched in the streets of Washington DC. dozens of them, as the might of the military of what had once been the United States invaded what would never again be the capital of a nation. The owners crusade moved on Washington.

The hunt for Trump’s head began in earnest.

Fighting filled the streets and the sounds of gunfire were constant throughout March and April of 2021 as DC was taken from hard pressed Trump loyalists and heavily armed, unaffiliated armageddonists avenue by avenue.

The president and his cabinet were eventually caught in a low rent DC area massage parlor. Trump was part owner of it. He and others in his cabinet were dragged through the streets by people of all colors and nationalities, being literally torn to shreds as they passed starving masses of humanity desperate to blame someone for what they’d allowed to happen.

Secretary of Energy Sarah Palin’s head was mounted on a stake in the national mall along with several names of better repute. Many others were never recovered.

The United States of America has been gone for almost a century now. As sea level rose national boundaries became more fluid (no pun intended) and the concept of strict national borders gradually faded away in the face of the widespread worldwide economic collapse instigated by Trump’s disastrous policies.

Ultimately the comparison to Hitler is justified, if only in that he too had promised to make his own country great again, nearly a century before Trump ended modern civilization as we had known it.


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