5 Things I Wished I had Known Before Becoming a Freelancer

5 Things I Wished I had Known Before Becoming a Freelancer

5 Things I Wished I had Known Before Becoming a FreelancerSo our “5 Things” series on Emerald Musings is coming to an end.  Before that happens, I definitely want to thank all our wonderful contributors — there is no way that I could have done this without you!  So without further ado, here is my humble contribution to the series.

Five Things I Wished I Had Known Before Becoming a Freelancer

 The Right Client Will Pay What You’re Worth — So Demand it.

In the beginning of my freelance career I fell into the common trap of thinking that in order to be competitive, I had to price my services low enough that someone would give me a chance.  I worked for the content mills and priced my services out at prices so far below the going market rate that I was sure that I would get the opportunities and shine like never before.

And not surprisingly, there were clients out there that were happy enough to pay me the likes of $0.0005 per word, or even $0.001 per word if I was lucky.

Do you know what was also not surprising?  The fact that I was working nearly 80 hours a week just to make ends meet.  If I wanted to do that, I could have easily stayed at my grueling 9-5 job.  No thank you.

Here’s the truth — Clients will pay you what you demand, as long as your quality justifies it.  If you can show that your work is great enough to justify $50 – $60 an hour or $2.00 per word then, by all means, charge it and only negotiate to a minimum that you are comfortable with.  Will there be potential clients that scoff at you and walk away from what you offer?  Yes.  But honestly, in the long run, the clients that do take you up on your offer will be the ones that are worth having.

Meara’s Treasure- Part 2

(c) 2013 Laura Seeber

* * *

Bruce leaned back in the chair, his index finger tracing the curve of the brandy sniffer on the table next to him. It would be tonight. He wiped a small droplet of sweat away from his face and noticed that it felt warm. Tonight his Meara would return to him, and he would make her stay. Nothing would take her away from him again. How would she come? Would his lady with the hair of fire and the skin of moonlight come to him through the window as before? Would she wear that iridescent blue dress with buttons cascading down from the base of her neck? Or perhaps she would wear that deceptively innocent looking white lace dress – the one that would simply fall away with the cut of a few strings.

He heard a soft knock at the door. It was low and hesitant as if she did not know that he was waiting for her. Even now, her restraint was intoxicating.

Come in,” he called, his voice thick and sweet. He felt himself nodding his head with the invitation, lolling slightly to one side. Soon he would see his beloved again. Soon he would have her.

Lord Calihan?” asked Kaiya as she slowly opened the door. “I’ve come to change the flowers in your room, as you asked.”

Meara’s Treasure — Part 1

© 2013 Laura Seeber

Come for me, my darling,”

Bruce awoke with the sensation of Meara’s full moist lips still lingering on his own. He rose to meet her, his breath raspy and hungry for her touch. Like everything in this accursed place, however, the sensation of her heat, her touch, her passion disappeared with the morning light.

He lay back down, noticing that his body was tangled among the silken sheets, and the bay window at the foot of his bed was ajar. He would have to yell at the manservant Donovan about that. Bruce might have been the last of the Calihan family in this remote part of Ireland, but he was still a Lord. Apparently his servants needed to be reminded of that fact.

In a fluid motion that lied about his age, Bruce planted his feet onto the floor. He stood up and strode over to the nearby chair where one of the maids- perhaps the young lass Kaiya had laid out his clothes for the day. Perhaps she had been the one to open the bay window. Bruce nodded his head slowly. Yes, the cold air of last night had driven his Meara away. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her image, pale and graceful, a full head of fiery red hair cascading over her shoulder.

He remembered that she always loved the warmer weather, loved to meet him in the garden. He smiled, remembering how at first she was so innocent, so deliciously hesitant in her touch, and kiss. Over time, though, with his expertise her emerald eyes glowed with a passion that nearly matched the thrusts and the screams of passion as she writhed beneath him.

Stepping Away From the Giant

rev-coverSo after a lot of thought, discussions with my husband, and doing a fair amount of research, I have come to a decision.  In the grand scheme of things it is not that big a decision, and it may prove to be the wrong one.  But the decision still needs to be made.

I have decided to not offer or promote my next book, The Revelation of Jack on Amazon.

There, I said it.  I am stepping away from the giant.

Now the reasons for this, I have, are varied- and perhaps I will detail them in a later post.  I haven’t decided yet. The last thing, I want, is to set off a firestorm of fighting between Amazon supporters and detractors.  To each their own, I say, and if you find Amazon is the best choice for you then I say go for it.

No, this blog post is to take a look at some of the alternatives that I will be using to promote, and hopefully sell my books in the future.  They are in no particular order, and I invite you to check them out as both readers and authors- I think you’ll find that they measure up to the giant in question in terms of quality, customer service, and author relations.

The Revelation of Jack Cover Reveal and Book Trailer!

It’s Finally Time for the Big Reveal!

I’ve been hinting at it for months now on Twitter and other social media outlets- and I can now confirm without exception that my latest novel, The Revelation of Jack will be available in E-Book format starting in 2015.


 A Novel in a New Mystery and Horror Series by Laura Seeber

It was the winter of 1789 and all Jack wanted was some peace…

Jack hoped that the war wouldn’t follow him into the mountains of western North Carolina, just south of what would later become Tennessee. He prayed that his small shack and the mountain air would grant him solace and the time he needed to heal his mind and body. He had a wife and son waiting for him, after all.

All they wanted was a little fun…

A Poem Inspired

Hello All,

8-03-5It isn’t very often, but on occasion I write a little bit of poetry, especially when inspired.  This is certainly not my forte, but I invite you to take a look.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get up enough courage to perform this piece and others at a local poetry slam in the future.

So please read, and let me know what you think, commenting below.  Good, bad or ugly, I listen to them all.

Five Question Interview: Jaye Shields

Jaye Author Pic

  1. You have a degree in Anthropology specializing in archeology from San Francisco State University. Was there a particular time period or area of archeological study that held a fascination for you during your study?
    1. Great question. My emphasis was Maya Civ, including Olmec, Zapotec and Aztec peoples. I also took a lot of great classes on Classical Greece, which is where I got a lot of the inspiration for my Immortals in Alameda series.

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