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Emerald Musings

You’ll find our thoughts on books, reading, writing in general, and the art and business of freelancing and what we do. We often feature book reviews, interviews, opinions on trends in the industry, and our feelings about the latest and greatest to be seen around the marketplace. If you’re wondering how the business and art of writing and design is changing, take a look here. You’ll never know what you’ll find. 

The Inspiration Behind A White Belt in Art by John Vorhaus


John Vorhaus In the spring of 2016, I had come to the end of a certain road. After forty years of a productive and reasonably successful writing life, I had to admit that my enduring passion for writing books was not being matched in any meaningful way

The Inspiration Behind Dead Deal by W.J. Evans


“What inspired your latest WIP or work?” wj eveans dead deal The financial crash of 2008 not only affected those in the financial sector, it was exponential on so many levels. I experienced first hand, the destruction of so many businesses in the



Our web designer, Renee Owens allows her love of all things caligraphy to shine. Here she’ll share her extensive experience and knowledge in the nearly lost art of caligraphy, and hopefully will entice you to give your artistic side a chance to blossom with with engaging and beautiful art.





Walking the Path

Laura Seeber shares a more private view of her life, focusing on her faith and practice of the shamanic arts. If you ever wonder what truly imbues her spirit, work, fiction and life, this is a place to get a very real glimpse of what our owner is truly all about.



Learning to Dance in the Darkness


So far, in this series of blog posts about dealing with the darkness and shadows in our world I have touched briefly on what I believe the nature of darkness is, how it manifests in ourselves, and in the world around us. I have discussed the ideas of

Those That Walk in the Darkness


In the first two blog posts in this series, I briefly discussed the nature of darkness as a whole, as well as the nature of the darkness that exists in each one of us. Now I’m going to touch on an aspect of darkness that is a bit more…. dicey


Print Master

Our chief graphic designer, Michael Seeber delves into his extensive knowledge and experience to help you make sure that your printed media materials and logos are the best that they can be, regardless of where you have them completed. While we certainly welcome your design business, we want to make sure you get the best product you can, regardless of where you go. So if you have any questions about how to make sure your print media is exactly what you want, let us know.