1984: Rogue State

1458467872czgsn“My fellow delegates,” the president of the Eurasian Union began in addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations of the world, “esteemed prime minister of the United States of North America and the president of the United States of South America, premier of the Greater East Asian Wellness Coalition, I stand before you today to speak of the last vestige of the last major war. I stand before you to insist that the world can no longer wait for this vestigial appendix to wither away and collapse. Oceania Airstrip One, as England has called itself since coalescing into a totalitarian hermit nation in the wake of the last great war, can no longer be left to its own devices to oppress its own people, to starve them, to control their minds with fantastic lies. This island, sealed off from the world, has too long been placated to and allowed to continue its “INGSOC” programme of the brainwashing of an entire population. At this moment an English citizen is being tortured, at this moment sadistic INGSOC scientists are working toward removing any pleasure from life, at this moment, the English language itself is being whittled away into meaninglessness.

1984: Goldstein Lives

Emmanuel Goldstein awoke slowly, as the sky became just grey and he starkly refused to fall back to sleep. There was much to be done in the free world and billions counted on his leadership. The King’s room in Versailles had been adorned according to his orders, and the rest of the palace opened up for the staff necessary in running Eurasian battle operations.

Goldstein ran his hands over his face, over his stark white hair and his goatee. He blinked several times and reached over to the ornate nightstand and grasped his steel-rimmed glasses, which lay next to a framed photograph of him walking with Big Brother. Goldstein carefully turned aside the plain wool blankets and stepped out onto the carpet. He was a simple man and there were many without. Even if he were living in a palace, he would do so simply.

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