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The Emerald Musings Author Interview Blitz continues on with a conversation with Pauline Yates, an up-and-coming blogger, and writer trying to navigate the waters of our world. Please enjoy!

Question # 1: Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write?

profile pic paulineI’ve always considered myself a storyteller. Writing allows me to express the stories I imagine in a format I can share with others. I believe we are endowed with a sense of self-strength. If a reader can take the strength portrayed in my characters and find their own inner strength for their own lives, then that is my gift to another person.

Question # 2: What is one “piece of writing advice” that you wish you’d never taken?

Knowing the difference between back story and world building. In my current novel, I was advised to take out what was considered back story. On further advice, what I took out should have been left in as it was world building. Twelve months of writing now has to be rewritten to include what I already had. Luckily, I have developed the same sense of self-strength and perseverance as my character.

Question # 3: How would you explain your creative process to a five-year-old?

I like to paint stories but instead of paint I use words.

Question # 4: How do you know when something in your manuscript should be edited, removed, or left just as it is?

When I stop thinking about it. If a word, sentence or scene replays over and over in my mind, it needs changing, fixing or cutting. Whichever I choose, when it is right, I stop thinking about it and can move forward.

Question # 5: And finally– What do you plan to write tomorrow?

I will be continuing the task of reinserting my world into my story.

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