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Today the Author Interview Blitz is featuring the wonderful Natalina Reis, author of We Will Always Have the Closet.  Once again, Ms. Reis was brave enough to go through the 5 question gauntlet. Please enjoy!

Question # 1: Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write?

I write for a variety of reasons. 1- it’s something I have always been good at 2-it’s cheaper than therapy 3-it gives me a way of voicing and living my dreams without major consequences 4- it’s just plain fun to create characters and worlds and situations…it’s like any other art form, an exercise in creativity or—like I like to call it—gymnastics for the right side of the brain.

Question # 2: What is one “piece of writing advice” that you wish you’d never taken?

I can’t think of one. I read a LOT of writing advice, but I have a tendency to make “educated choices” when it comes to writing. I figure that writing is as individual as the author’s personality, and what works for one might very well not work for another. I guess that’s why only the good advice sticks in my brain.

Question # 3: How would you explain your creative process to a five-year-old?
It’s like playing with dolls. You name them, give them personality and decide what they are going to do next. Are they going to have a tea party? Are they going to have a fight because one of them ate all the leftover candy? Are they going to apologize to each other right away, wait a few days or never talk to each other again? Is another doll going to come in between them and make more trouble? Or maybe one of the dolls goes to the store and buys more candy to share. Then you have a long conversation with your invisible friends to decide what to write.

Question # 4: How do you know when something in your manuscript should be edited, removed, or left just as it is?

Hard to say. Sometimes it is really obvious and almost instinctive. Other times I agonize over it and can’t make a decision. I do have a great group of writer friends who normally beta read my work. I trust their judgment and that really helps. After you read your manuscript so many times it becomes harder and harder to see the mistakes. That’s where betas come to the rescue.

Question # 5: And finally– What do you plan to write tomorrow?
I plan to continue my WIP, currently titled Heart Prey (working title) , a romantic fantasy/dystopic novel about a group of people from different social castes working together to fight and rescue what’s left of the humankind from a race of savage, mutated animals. It’s all about the damage that prejudice and greed can cause and how love is always the answer (it IS a romance).

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