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Laura Seeber

Laura Seeber

Well, it’s finally time.  The Author Interview Blitz is coming to an end.   I would sincerely like to thank all those authors who have participated over the last six weeks, and who took the time to answer my 5 questions.  I learned quite a bit more about them, how they write, and they even gave me a few ideas on how I can improve my own craft (ok- more than a few!).

So as promised, I am sitting down and interviewing myself, asking in classic split-personality style the same five questions that I have asked everyone else.  And as always, please feel free to comment and answer them yourself in the comment section.

So without further ado, here goes!

Question # 1:  Let’s start with a fun question– Why do you write?

The reasons why I write are many and varied, but the two largest are the ability to pay bills and take care of my family, and finally record some of the stories that I’ve been telling and dreaming of my whole life.  I will always consider myself a storyteller first, and a writer second, so the fact that I can actually support myself and my family through my writing is an exhilarating bonus.

Question # 2: What is one “piece of writing advice” that you wish you’d never taken?

If I would have to choose just one (there have been many), I would tell people to stop adhering to the old adage of “write what you know.”  What fun is that?  Writing and storytelling are about exploration, new discoveries, escaping to different worlds and finding new friends.  How are you supposed to do all that if you stay in the safe harbor?  Go for the dark waters.  Do your research and dive in!

Question # 3:  How would you explain your creative process to a five-year-old?

Do you know how when you’re with friends, or even by yourself  and you start talking and playing?  And you pretend that your cars or dolls or sticks are saying or doing certain things?  Well, I do that too.  The only difference is that I write it down when I’m done.
Question # 4:  How do you know when something in your manuscript should be edited, removed, or left just as it is?

For me, a lot of it depends on how the words sound and flow together.  I am an outliner when I write, so I often know quite well what’s going on in my story well before  I get to the editing stage.  I literally live and breathe my stories as I write them, so often you’ll hear me reading the almost finished project out loud and saying “Wait…  no that doesn’t sound right…  Why did she say that?  That’s totally out of line for her character…”

Other than that, I am extremely brutal in the editing phase of writing.  The way I see it if the sentence doesn’t either support, add to or clarify something about the plot, setting, or characters it gets the ax.

Question # 5:  And finally– What do you plan to write tomorrow?

If everything goes according to my nefarious plans, I’ll be in full swing working on the sequel to The Revelation of Jack (so far unnamed–working title is Kaya Jade).  In addition to that, I’ll probably be trying to outline a short story or two and edit submissions to The Writer’s Thread Showcase.

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2 thoughts on “Author Interview Blitz: Laura Seeber”

  1. I agree that one should avoid writing what you know. I think you have an easier time creating authorial distance when you’re not writing about what is personally familiar to you. Thanks so much, Laura, for sponsoring this author interview blitz and for including me. I made a good contact with another author you interviewed. I appreciate your work! Jay Lemming

  2. Renee Owens says:

    I look forward to the Revelation of Jade, as soon as I read the Revelation of Jack. 😉

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