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The Emerald Musings Author Interview Blitz continues into September with a conversation with the fan favorite Dee Willson, author of A Keeper’s Truth.  We’ve taken a look at her book previously on Emerald Musings, and it’s a great pleasure to welcome her to our interview room!  So without further ado… let the five questions begin!

Question # 1:  Let’s start with something fun. Why do you write?

There are times I’d say I write because I need to. For me, writing is an outlet, an escape, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time. Other times, writing is a job, one I take seriously.

Question # 2: What is the one piece of writing advice you wish you’d never taken?

“Keep your rear-end in the chair.” Sure, a writer should write, but sometimes life gets in the way, demanding attention, and adding guilt to the recipe isn’t good for the writer or the work. Write when you can. And when you can’t write, give yourself a break.

Question # 3:  How would you explain your creative process to a five-year-old?

Write. Rinse / Edit. Repeat. Write. Rinse / Edit. Repeat. And never stop.

Question # 4: How do you know when something in your manuscript should be edited, removed, or left as is?

You don’t. Sometimes your gut steps in, nagging, pushing you in one direction or another. Sometimes your gut lies. You just hone your work in progress until it shines like a pretty penny, and when it’s finally set free into the world, you let it go and move on.

Question # 5:  And finally, what do you plan to write tomorrow?

Emails to contractors about my house build. Unfortunately, that’s the scope of my writing these days, since we’re in the final phase of building our new house. I’m itching to get back to fiction, though, so the minute we’re moved and settled, I’ll be back at it!


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  1. Dee Willson says:

    Thanks for the great interview!
    Dee Willson
    Author of A Keeper’s Truth

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