April Brings the #WriterHelp Blog Series!

April Brings the #WriterHelp Blog Series! post thumbnail image

Hello Everyone,

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I’ve been spending the month of March talking with writers about various people and businesses that have helped them in the craft and business of writing.  I’ve been taking suggestions, doing interviews via phone and email, and learning quite a bit about my chosen profession.

And now I’m going to share a little bit of what I learned with you over the next month or so.

So without further ado, here’s what’s on the docket in the #Writerhelp Blog Series coming in April:

Mr. David Farlane

Mr. David Farland

David Farland, of the Story Doctor, is starting off our series right by graciously sitting down with me for one of my 5 Question interviews.  It’s short, full of great information for both novice and veteran writers about their craft, and there is no April Fool’s joke in sight.  Be sure to check it out.






Ms. Therese Walsh

Ms. Therese Walsh

Seven day’s later, on April 8th,  we’ll be featuring Therese Walsh, co-creator of  Writer Unboxed, one of my favorite resources for writers.  It’s another 5 question interview, and just like the one before, it is full of great information, fun anecdotes, and practical advice.

On April 15- tax day here in the U.S.- I’ll be stepping up to the plate to discuss a few of my favorite resources online for writers- dealing with both the business and craft of writing.  These resources have helped me out any number of times, and chances are they’ll do the same to you.


On April 22, I’ll be talking with Patricia Rossi– a business and personal etiquette expert, who also happens to be brave enough to be a friend of yours truly.  It’s another 5 question interview, this time focusing on how good manners play an important role in the life and career of a writer.

And rounding out the month, we’re talking with Dr. Jennifer Bennett– a fantastic resource for all things social media.  Dr. Bennett is known for her practical advice when it comes to social media, love of big earrings, and her mission to help people build relationships, and success, not statistics.  It should be a great interview!

So that’s what we have planned for April at Emerald Musings.   What I have planned for May is still up in the air,  but the possibility of continuing this series does exist- there have been so many great suggestions for people to talk with!

So please enjoy the #writerhelp blog series coming next month!




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