A Time for New Beginnings

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Hello Everyone,

I hope that 2016 finds you in good spirits, and enthusiastic about the new year.  These past few months, The Writer’s Thread and yours truly have been going through some significant changes, and I hope in doing so to start bringing you, even more, high-quality content, including short stories, reviews, rants, raves, and so much more.  So here is what I have planned for this time of new beginnings.

Emerald Musings

Butterfly, BuckeyeIn truth, not too much will change for my blog; I will still offer honest and sometimes heartfelt (or heartless as the case may be) reviews, news about what is going on in my writing career, and any advice or rants that I may feel the need to share.  I will also be welcoming guest posts by my fellow bloggers, so if you’re interested, please send me a message via the contact page and we’ll discuss details.

The Writer’s Thread Showcase

The WT ShowcaseOver the next month, The Writer’s Thread Showcase will be going through some serious overall.  In essence, I am doing away with the paid membership, and offering all new content as free content for all members, with the ability to buy ebook anthologies of the content, and new bonus content on the website in the coming months.  As always, the author will get a majority of the profits, and I will be taking a nominal amount for site upkeep, ebook production, and other expenses.  So for those of you who have gotten memberships to certain channels, don’t worry, you’re not losing out- you just won’t have to pay to renew your subscription.

As such, I will be also offering free membership to the Writer’s Thread Showcase by the end of January, along with an optional monthly newsletter with news and information about what is going on.

And for those writers out there, I am considering taking submissions for The Writer’s Thread Showcase in the near future.  I still have to work out the nuts and bolts of it, but stay tuned for more information on that front.

Overall Writing Plans

writersthread-thumbLooking at my planning notes for 2016, I figure I’m either crazy or a glutton for punishment. Right now I have plans to finish up a mystery webcomic- written and drawn (gulp!) by yours truly, the second novel in the Revelation series, plans to submit at least four short stories a month to various magazines and still work with some fantastic clients and hopefully get some new ones.

So please continue to grace the Writer’s Thread and I will your support and presence.  Keep those comments and suggestions coming in the new year!



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