A Review of Bloody Sheets By Andrew Rausch

Book: Bloody Sheets

Author: Andrew Rausch

Publisher: Close to the Bone (an imprint of Gritfiction, LTD)

Availability: Amazon

Author Social Media & Blog: Andrew Rausch Twitter

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Summary

DeRay “Coke” Cokely is on a mission. After his estranged son is brutally lynched in Gibson Alabama by members of the KKK, this crime world enforcer knows exactly what needs to be done. The murders need to pay, in a very excruciating painful way. The ensuing bloodbath leaves not one person in the small Alabama town unaffected, and before the task is completed, everything Coke holds sacred will be rocked to the core.

Overall Impressions

If you’re looking for a truly visceral experience of what racism is like at the most violent and base level, this is definitely a book you’ll want to read. From the first few pages when Coke’s son is brutally killed, through the sycophantic nature of Walter, the deputy of the town, to the poetic violence of the ending, every page will make both your stomach and your heart churn.

One drawback that I can see, and for some this might not be considered one — it depends on the reason your reading — is the predictability of the novel. There is no mystery here, not really. You know, pretty much from the get go what will happen. You know, instinctively from the first time you meet his best friend, his girl, even the mayor of the town, what will happen — and why. There are no pulled punches, no feints, no surprises. Even when the main character seemingly gives up, the reader knows without a doubt that he’ll be back, and back with a vengeance.

Overall, Bloody Sheets is a refreshingly fun read. It’s 124 pages of straight up in your face violence that most authors tend to shy away from these days. If you’re looking for grit in the rawest sense of the word, this novel may be right up your alley.

Rating System:

0 Stars — Perfect for kindling or wasting space on your hard drive

1 Star — A Perfect Gift for that person you can’t stand

2 Stars — Not bad — put it on your “to borrow list”

3 Stars — Buy it if you get the chance — worth a weekend read

4 Stars — Definite Addition to Your Library

5 Stars — Impulse Buy Approved

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