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185x278-PatriciaByDoorToday, as part of the #writerhelp blog series, Emerald Musings is speaking with Patricia Rossi, an etiquette coach.  Known for her Manners Minute on NBC Daytime and her best-selling book Everyday Etiquette: How to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations (St. Martin’s Press 2011), Patricia has become known nationally and internationally as an expert on how to use good manners to build thriving and engaging relationships.  So without further ado, here are five questions for Patricia Rossi!

Question # 1: How did you decide to become an etiquette coach?

I became an etiquette coach because I wanted to help business people feel comfortable in all the social places and spaces that we find ourselves in a given day.

Most business is built in unplanned networking atmospheres, we are networking 24/7 and now with social media, it’s 24 hours a day. If we are comfortable , it is easy to build relationships, when we have solid & valuable relationships in place we go farther faster and the experience is more fun. I love the quote “Go fast go alone. Go far go together.” African proverb.

Question # 2: Writers have to interact with strangers and crowds in the public on a regular basis. For the writer, what is the most common mistake that you see when it comes to etiquette in a situation like this?

As an author, you have to remember that the majority of the time, the person approaching you has worked up the courage, and has taken the time to seek you out and speak with you. Therefore, it’s important to allow them to say what they want to say completely. Encourage them, and show them love and interest in what they have to say. If they ask you something that you can’t or won’t do just then, say something like “Can I get with you after this?” and take their contact information.

Ninety percent of the people I work with, from teams of neurosurgeons, NFL sports teams, to everyday moms and dads like me, they tell me they are nervous in all types of situations from cocktail parties, conferences to a cookout in their neighborhoods. I tell them most people have social angst so they aren’t alone. To go in with two goals:

#1-To put others at ease, thus taking pressure off yourself.

#2-To be ready to talk about everyone’s favorite top 5 subjects.

  • Family
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Fun on vacation/travel
  • Food
  • From (where are you from)

People are most nervous at the point of entry and are having a mini secret fuss with themselves for being nervous. We all are at some level, the folks they say they aren’t are telling a fairytale. So remember the people with the widest, deepest, most global relationships win.

Question # 3: What do you enjoy most about living in Florida with your family?

Oh, I love Florida! We have absolutely everything here. We have beaches, football, hockey, and baseball. All the important stuff! In fact, Clearwater beach was named one of the best beaches in the world. We also have some of the best restaurants in the world.

Question # 4: How is business etiquette different than everyday politeness, or etiquette?

Oooh, good question! Today it’s about building a relationship. From backyard BBQs to boardrooms, it’s all about making the connection. And things today are so much different from the past. In fact, there is a new thing called Total Presence. Because of the Internet and social media, about 50% of your person, your brand is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the other 50% is in person. Today, your name has become your brand. In fact, because of this, you have the opportunity, for the first time in history to do your own public relations or PR. It’s important to remember that face to face interactions and on-line interactions are both important, and both need to foster value and respect. For example, when I came out with my first book, because of my on-line presence and social media, the book was sold out very quickly because my friends on social media bought the book and helped me to promote it. I couldn’t have done that without having those relationships.

Question # 5: And finally, do you have any future plans for 2016 and 2017? Also, if people wanted to find out more about you or contact you, how would they do so?

Well, right now one of my goals is to do a TED talk, and I’m also working on my second book. That’s what’s in the works and planning for 2016 and 2017. Also, I would love to not only continue with my national show based out of Tampa, Florida but also work with a national show based out of New York, like the Today show.

If people wanted to connect with me, they can go to my website at http://www.patriciarossi.com/ or follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/patriciarossi

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